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Bulk Nutrients' Muscle Food 101

Muscle Food 101

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Muscle Food 101 – protein powder for weight gain

Protein and carbohydrate blend - Perfect for an ectomorph

MuscleFood 101 is designed for those who find adding muscle and mass difficult. It is ideal for those who identify as ectomorph, and those looking to bulk up. MuscleFood 101 is formulated with a ratio of 2 -1 Carbohydrates and Protein, which is considered ideal for muscle growth as well as recovery.

MuscleFood 101 combines two carbohydrate sources, maltodextrin and natural Australian oats, which provides a combination of complex carbohydrates, low in sugars, with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Although MuscleFood 101 is moderate GI for rapid absorption, the sugar levels are relatively low.

Protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass and is necessary for muscle building and repair.  As a protein source, MuscleFood 101 combines the rapidly absorbed Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) which are high in BCAAs, EAAs, Glutamine and other conditionally essential amino acids. These have long been considered the best protein sources for gaining muscle and work perfectly with the carbohydrate sources in MuscleFood 101. 

MCT Oil for energy and increased muscle growth

The last but vital addition to MuscleFood 101 is MCTs – medium chain triglycerides at 3000mg per serve. These healthy fats can assist with energy demands and have been shown to have a direct effect on performance. Two doses of MuscleFood 101 a day will provide 6000mg of MCTs, the same amount as used in many studies.

It’s for this reason that MuscleFood 101 is not simply a Mass Gainer, but a vital fuel in aiding performance and recovery.

Still not sure? Read Kyle Williams' review of Muscle Food 101!

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Servings Per Package: 2.5kg - 31
Servings Per Package: 5kg - 62

Serving Size: 80g

ChocolatePer ServePer 100g
Energy (kj) 1272 1590
Protein (g) 21 26
Carbohydrates (g) 42 53
(Sugars) (g) 16 20
Fats (g) 6 7
(Saturated) (g) 4 5
Fibre (g) 2 2
Sodium (mg) 64 80
Typical Amino Acid ProfilePer 80gPer 100g
Alanine 1150 1438
Arginine 576 720
Aspartic acid 2203 2753
Cysteine 496 620
Glutamic acid 3770 4712
Glycine 456 571
Histidine 397 496
Isoleucine 1230 1538
Leucine 2341 2926
Lysine 2004 2505
Methionine 417 521
Phenylalanine 774 967
Proline 1290 1612
Serine 1051 1314
Threonine 1488 1860
Tryptophan 417 521
Tyrosine 675 843
Valine 1269 1587



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  • Great product

    Posted by on Aug 19, 2017

    I have tried a few different products from bulk nutrients and I find this one is the best for me depending on what stage I'm at, when I want to put weight on which for me is very hard even when I'm not training, this product is great to help do that when I am training. It also mixes well and tastes great. I give it a big

  • 10/10

    Posted by on Aug 17, 2017

    Mixes perfectly and flavour is great! Big fan of this range and will definitely be grabbing more.

  • Great product

    Posted by on Aug 09, 2017

    I really like this range, all the flavours I've tried have been very tasty without being too sweet. My only criticism is the packaging; more often than not with the bags I've had, the snaplock has split from the package so it can't be sealed air tight. I end up using a different container. Otherwise, a great product.

  • Top product

    Posted by on Aug 09, 2017

    On my second bag of Muscle Food 101 and still love it. It mixes well, no lumps and tastes good. It settles well in my stomach before or after training which is a big deal for me. Have also gained a couple of kilos and kept it on which is also huge for me ! So would highly recommend this product and will keep on using it.

  • Muscle Food 101

    Posted by on Aug 08, 2017

    This has been my 'go to' protein for a year or two now. From my experiences it is best when not mixed e.g. with a WPI, it is extremely tasty, doesn't leave your stomach feeling sickenly full and is very cost effective! Would highly recommend.

  • Great Product

    Posted by on Aug 04, 2017

    Muscle Food 101 is a favorite of mine and I consume it immediately after weight training and Jiu Jitsu training.

  • Great result for not much money!

    Posted by on Jul 25, 2017

    I have been using this product for a while now it has been every bit as good or better than some much more expensive products that I have used over the years. Very Happy

  • Excellent Protein

    Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

    Cookies & Cream - Love his protein, tastes like a milkshake! Feeling energised and recovering well after heavy lifting sessions. Have switched up my training aswell as switched to Bulk Nutrients products, I am seeing some differences already! Reasonably priced, fast postage. Recommended

  • Vanilla for the win

    Posted by on Jul 14, 2017

    I've tried most of the flavours in the muscle food 101. My top pick would be the vanilla. You can simply do more with it than the others. I add a banana, frozen berries, honey and milk and it is a very tasty shake. The Banana flavoured muscle food 101 is quite strong and overpowering. The chocolate is great when on its own as a shake with water / milk.

  • Light shake Huge calories

    Posted by on Jul 14, 2017

    Very nice tasting protein. For a mass gainer it is a very light shake to drink because of the quality of the protein. Would be better if there was more protein but I just add 4 scoops in stead of 2

Showing reviews 1-10 of 144 | Next

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