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All 1kg orders are supplied in 1kg pouches, purchases less than 1kg are supplied in 250g pouches.
All orders for 4kg of Amino Acids or more are supplied in multiples of 1kg pouches.

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Amino Acids FAQS

Q) Are your amino acids sourced from China? A) Yes, however so are those supplied by 99% of companies - so in other words, the amino acids you have used or are currently using from other companies are almost surely manufactured in China. The popular brands located in Australia, NZ, U.S, Europe etc almost exclusively use Chinese Sourced Amino Acids, this includes large popular brands (with very expensive pricing) as well as generic brands. Some people assume that as they are buying from a name brand and paying a premium, they are getting aminos sourced from elsewhere. This is not the case - unless the supplier specifically details that their amino acids are sourced from elsewhere. If you have been using amino acids or products containing them (pre workout, recovery formulas from leading brands) it is very likely you are consuming Chinese made amino acids. Q) Isn’t everything made in China poorer quality?... continue reading