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6 More Reasons to shop with Bulk Nutrients

1. Save money by letting us keep it simple

In the past there was only one way to do business, and it was complicated
The ingredients are bought by the owner and shipped to a contractor for manufacturing. Everything would be blended and packed before being shipped to another warehouse for storage until the retail store placed an order. When the retail store ordered, the product was shipped to the store, only to wait for someone to unpack everything and get it on the shelf! 
These days there are large warehouses that offer multiple brands and tell you to "buy direct" – but in reality, they are just the retail shop in the above chain.
Not only does this mean your product might be sitting around for months before you consume with it, it also adds up to 60% on the final price you pay. Ouch.
And we haven't even started on the amount of money that goes into marketing these brands!
At Bulk Nutrients we keep everything simple. We buy the ingredients, blend them to our own formulas, pack them and store it all in the one location. When you click 'buy now', our dispatch guys grab the final product and send it straight to you.
We don't spend loads of money on marketing. We let our products do the talking. A quick glance of our Facebook page will show how our products are loved around the country!

2. Pure products with real research and development.

If you're looking for a gimmick with loads of hype that's touted as the "next big thing" (that then gets pulled from the shelves when people realise it doesn't work...) well, we're not for you.
Our products start with pure ingredients. We use tried and tested ingredients that have been around for years, combined with cutting edge ingredients verified by scientific data. We disclose all our ingredients and their origins, so you know exactly where they are from.
We formulate our products based on real data - not assumptions. We never use fillers or try to hide behind "proprietary blends". When you buy one of our products, you can find out exactly what goes into it just by looking at the label.
Our R&D team is small - three people in total - but this is one area that we all agree size doesn't matter. Our R&D team have an ethos centred around credible research and supplement use as it should be: honest products with no smoke and mirrors.

3. Excellence in customer service

Let's face it: when you're shopping online customer service can be a bit of a gamble. We've all been there: no physical address, no phone number and no replies to your emails!
Did we mention we like things to be simple? We're a regular business, so you can contact us like one!
Call us on 03 6266 4725 during business hours, send us an email at or message us on Facebook pretty much any time of the day! We have guys specifically dedicated to Facebook, phone and email – we are here to answer your questions and help you out.
And because we're humans - not robots - if you place an order before 3pm (AEDT) on a business day, it'll be dispatched the same day. Any orders placed after 3pm go out the next morning.
With all orders under 3kg sent express, you'll receive your order quickly. And while we can't control Australia Post (who we use exclusively for shipping) we provide you with all the tracking information you need to see where your order is.
If there's ever an issue or error with your order, just let us know and we'll fix it straight away!

4. 100% Australian owned and operated

At Bulk Nutrients we are extremely proud to say that every single one of our products is 100% Australian made
We hear all the time that rising costs of production and labour mean that Australia isn't the best place to manufacture - and we strongly disagree!
We source local goods where possible and employ local people - ensuring our company is giving back to the economy, our local community and the industry. 
So when you buy our products, you know you're supporting Aussies just like you.

5. Guaranteed quality control and ingredient supply

Our 'keep it simple' ideas don't just save you money, they also offer you absolute quality control.
We purchase all our ingredients from certified suppliers and formulate, manufacture, warehouse and dispatch all in the one (very large!) facility.
This means that we handle the raw ingredients from the moment it arrives (and is verified by us) to the minute it leaves our warehouse.
For this reasonwe offer a 100% money back guarantee that our products will be supplied as per the ingredient specification and nutritional information.
We are also regularly audited by Food Standards Australia and the Dairy Authority to make sure our processes are hitting the right mark.
As for our ingredients? We use only 100% pharmaceutical grade Amino Acid and Extracts from companies who supply the world's biggest brands. Our proteins come from Warrnambool Cheese & Butter, Fonterra, Mullins, Milk Specialties and more. Our oats from Blue Lake Milling in South Australia. We could go on and on, but the point is: we know where our ingredients come from and we check each ingredient when it arrives.

6. We support the industry that supports us

Without our customers we wouldn't be anywhere, so every year we sponsor and support bodybuilding (INBA, IFBB, ANB and NABBA), strongman, arm wrestling, crossfit, motorcross and endurance events.
This year we will be supporting over 100 events! We provide free samples and tastings, competitor bags and special offers or products for sale. We're believe in our product and love nothing more than getting out there and amongst the crowd to let them know about it.
We particularly like to support grassroots events. It's the competitors and spectators (like you) that we have built our business around. We believe very strongly in giving back to those that support us.
We hope to see you at one of the many events we support this year!
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