Alicia Gowans


Meet Alicia, she’s a busy mother of two who manages multiple successful businesses and competes at the highest level of bodybuilding in the world, the pro ranks.

She’s won national bodybuilding titles, her WBFF Pro Card and multiple world titles. In 2017 alone Alicia took home WBFF Fitness Model of the year and the WBFF Pro USA Championship. Alicia is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

One of Alicia’s main focal points is her business and passion, Ally’s Angels and Alphas. Alicia works with athletes and individuals to prepare them, physically, mentally and emotionally for bodybuilding competitions and an overall healthier life.

Alicia attributes her successes to pushing herself to the limits and beyond even at the hardest times. She had a huge setback when she broke her back just 12 months prior to winning her world title. But instead of toning it down she ramped it up coming back stronger than ever and winning the world title she had work so hard to get.

What an inspiration!

Q&A with Alicia

1. How did you discover your passion for bodybuilding?
I have always been fit and active, but really discovered body building after first suffering from a back injury as a young 19 year old ballerina. I turned to the gym as a way to rehabilitate and strengthen my back and from there just fell in love with the sport. Since training in bodybuilding seriously, my body building career has taken off in leaps and bounds – winning state and national Australian titles, as well as competing in numerous world championships and earning my WBFF Pro Card in 2014. Bodybuilding for me is more than just about competing it is about championing that strong is the new skinny, that girls can lift and that fit and healthy is not just a passing fad but a lifestyle.

2. How do you balance work and family with your training and prep?
It can be tough. I own and operate three businesses, keep a busy household with kids, travel quite often both domestically and abroad and am always on the go with ambassador and international liaison duties for the WBFF. Throw in to the mix training and prep, and life can be really hectic. For me balancing it all is just about being organised and prepared as much as possible. Knowing what is coming up and anticipating what I might need when and where. Being so busy you get to really appreciate the value of time and making sure that you do things as efficiently as possible to that you’re not only able to fit everything in, but spend time with those most important to you. I also have an amazing family and support network that make my crazy life so much more manageable.

3. What is your ultimate cheat meal?
You know, I don’t actually have one. I always eat with a purpose in mind, so a ‘cheat meal’ may just be something not specifically planned but still clean made with whole foods. I always make sure my meals correlate with my goals so you won’t ever see me out having a dirty cheat meal. That said I am a sucker for Cajun crusted salmon with sweet potato fries, or lemon and herb marinated chicken with greens beans and feta.

4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador?
Being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador is fantastic and something I am really passionate about. Aside from the Bulk Nutrients Team being fantastic people, the brand and the products themselves are phenomenal. It is such an honour to be able to support a brand that delivers high quality products that actually enhance natural performance and gives you an edge. I can honestly attribute the bulk (pardon the pun lol) of my success over the past four years to the high quality, no BS filled, Bulk Nutrients products that I personally use. Being an Ambassador for this leading brand means being a part of a like-minded team, who work hard and play harder and have a lot of fun in the process.

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