Bridget Freeman

PNBA Pro and INBA Pro Bodybuilder

Bridget Freeman - a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

Bulk Ambassador Bridget Freeman is a wife, mum, small business owner, employee and a multiple time national and international figure and physique champion: how does she do it all?!

Bridget first rose to eminence in 1996 as a Fitness competitor, where she consistently graced the national podium until 2000. In 2010 Bridget returned to the gym and competitive stage, winning national titles in the Figure category of ANB and INBA. In 2011 she competed internationally and took out first place in the INBA Natural Universe. The following year she won National Figure and Physique championships with both the INBA and ANB again, and then finished the year with an extremely close overall second place at the INBA Bali International.

2013 saw more wins at the National championships and then a coveted Physique Masters Overall championship and Physique Open 2nd place at the Natural Olympia in San Diego, California.

In 2015 Bridget was the Overall National Figure Champion with the ANB and in 2016 she turned Pro and went on to win the 2016 PNBA PRO World Physique Championship at the World Titles in Budapest.

Bridget is an accredited Precision Nutrition coach and has amassed a wealth of experience and “take away” knowledge from various international coaches over the years. That culmination of knowledge has enabled Bridget and her husband (and present coach) Damien, to develop and refine their Nutrition and Training programs to world class level. And of course paramount to her success has been the support by Bulk Nutrients and their products!

Q&A with Bridget

1. How much time do you spend training per day and how do this change when preparing for a competition? In my off season I train weights for about an hour a day four days a week and do a couple of HIIT sessions a week. During competition prep I add in a couple of other forms of cardio two days a week.

Bridget Freeman - a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

2. How do you balance work and family with your training and prep? This is so difficult! There really isn’t enough time (or energy!) for everything when so many hours a day are spent training and food prepping and practicing posing during prep. I changed my cardio so I could do a lot of it at home, either dumbbell complexes or intervals on my exercise bike, which I do before my daughter gets up in the mornings. I changed my job hours so that I could train at the gym at lunchtimes, and am lucky that my gym is only ten minutes drive from my work and home. I purchased a food processor to shorten the food prep time spent chopping, and also utilise a slow cooker, rice cooker, microwave and George Foreman grill, as well as a dish washer. Obviously I still can’t fit everything in so I have to have the support and understanding of my husband and daughter.

3. What is your ultimate cheat meal? Definitely a hamburger with everything and sweet potato fries, followed by home made apple pie and ice cream!

4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador? Being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador has been a vital component of my achievements as without them I would not have had access to such a range of pure, top quality supplements, which has enabled me to be the best in the world. I love being able to represent a local Tasmanian company, who are so great at what they do, and it is a huge honour to be one of such a team of high achieving athletes. They continue to inspire and encourage me every step of the way, with their fantastic success in such a wide range of sports.

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