Dave Napper

Powerlifter & Strongman

Meet Dave, he's a natural powerlifter and strongman who competes with Powerlifting Australia and owns his own gym.

If you saw Dave in 2004 as a skinny teen and then saw him today as a one of Australia's top powerlifters you wouldn't believe he was the same person! He has gained 50kg and a hell of a lot of strength over those 12+ years.

Dave only started to compete in 2014 and already has more than 20 competitions under his belt. He has represented Australia in several international powerlifting and strongman competitions, most recently in 2015 at the IPF world championships in Finland.

His best raw competition lifts are 310kg squat, 180kg bench press and 331kg deadlift. Now those are pretty impressive numbers!

Brisbane North Barbell (BNB) is Dave’s playground; the gym he owns and operates. BNB specialises in powerlifting and strongman training, but welcomes people of all backgrounds so long as they’re prepared to train hard.

Dave has completed numerous different courses and qualifications, he is a personal trainer, a qualified nutritionist and a strength and conditioning coach and that’s not even all of them!

Q&A with Dave

1. How did your lifting career begin? I used to run powerlifting comps in my garage gym with buddies and thought I'd try actually competing in February 2014. A month later I saw a strongman competition on Facebook and figured why not have a crack at that as well. I have been enjoying both powerlifting and strongman ever since.

2. What are your workouts like? How are they structured? I usually train for 3-4 hours per day 5x per week where the focus is on the powerlifting movements so squat, bench press and deadlift. I like to train each movement as often as possible which is usually every session. When in 'off season' the weights are lighter and the reps are higher but as I prepare for a competition the reps decrease and weights increase.

3. What has been your biggest challenge in your career so far? Hosting powerlifting and strongman competitions at my gym. I love the challenge of trying to host bigger and better competitions.

4. What made you decide to open your own gym? Honestly, I hate the way most commercial gyms operate and wanted to open a gym that operated the way I think it should. This means no contracts, a focus on free weights not cardio equipment or resistance machines, a friendly and supportive gym environment and ensuring my members learn how to lift safely and effectively for long term progress.

5. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador? I started using Bulk Nutrients back in November 2010. It's now more than 6 years later and Bulk Nutrients is still my favourite supplement company. Scoring some free supps in exchange for talking about what I love (powerlifting and strongman) is a pretty sweet deal so I'm very fortunate to be a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador.

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You can find Dave on Facebook but the best place to see what he's up to is at Brisbane North Barbell's Facebook page and website.

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