Ella Martyn

Health & Fitness coach and WBFF competitor

Meet Ella! She’s a personal trainer, online coach, mentor and fitness competitor who aims to inspire and empower women.

Also competing in bodybuilding, she took out first place at the 2016 Gold Coast WBFF Show in the Tall Diva Fitness Model category.

Ella has undertaken many changes on her road to becoming a fitness competitor, she was once a 20 a day cigarette smoker, binge drinker, and emotional eater. Discovering weight training and learning about nutrition encouraged her to turn her life around and she’s never looked back.

As her love for education grows, Ella's passion for helping other female personal trainers has grown too. She mentors female personal trainers in an online program Females In Fitness to help them succeed and become leaders in the fitness industry.

Ella is also an advocate for flexible dieting and enjoys allowing her favourite gelato into her diet fairly regularly.

Q&A with Ella

1. How did you discover your passion for bodybuilding?

I came to Australia almost four years ago and worked in the corporate world. The healthy lifestyle out here was infectious and soon I fell in love with the gym and fitness community that I had found. So much so that I studied at night for my Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness and became a PT.

I began coaching girls for competition through the Sports Model Project and felt like I couldn’t help the girls past the training side of things because I hadn’t experienced it for myself. That’s when I decided to compete.

What has made me continue to get on stage and compete is how much I enjoy the process and coming in better and better each time. I love how with discipline and consistency you can see weekly changes to your body. It’s like art.

2. What has been your biggest challenge in your career so far?

My biggest challenge has been prepping for my last two shows with an injured elbow (unable to extend it) and placing in the top five in both. Actually, it’s been dealing with injuries every time I prep for a show, so I’m working on stability and mobility.

3. What are your workouts like? How are they structured?

There is always an element of strength training in my sessions. If you’re not moving load your body’s not changing. It’s also very empowering getting under the bar and overcoming a weight that slightly scares you. During prep, I would train up to six times a week along with some HIIT training usually intervals on the sled or hill sprints. My focus for training now is to work on my instabilities and mobility and do movements that I enjoy.


4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador?

Ever since I arrived in Australia and got involved with the Fitness industry Bulk Nutrients were always my supplement of choice. I loved that Bulk would test other products in the market and were totally honest. A no BS approach to supplementation matched my no BS approach to diet and exercise.

To be a part of a brand that I can't recommend enough to friends, family and clients is a great opportunity. I always said if I ever worked with a supplement company Bulk Nutrients would be it.

Bulk isn't like other supplement companies in the market. I love the fact they’re different, with a no gimmicks approach. Their proteins are pure with no added nasties and the customer service and speed of delivery is next to none.

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