Kyle Williams

World Champion Ultra Marathon Runner

He climbs mountains and makes tracks, meet our endurance athlete and adventurer Kyle Williams.

Kyle’s career is like no other. He calls himself an ‘Adventurer', which involves a combination of various endurance sports (running, hiking, climbing) usually for very long distances up mountains and in rugged environments! But it isn’t for the faint hearted! Kyle has broken a world-record, set world-first and fastest time records, and even outran a Jeep Wrangler!

Kyle’s amazing adventure achievements include:

  1. ‘State 8’ World-Record: In 2015, Kyle set the fastest time to climb the highest mountain in each Australian State and Territory (8 mountains across 8 states/territories in 5 Days, 23 hours, and 35 minutes).
  2. ‘A21 Ultra’ World-First: In 2013, Kyle became the first-person to run a 82-kilometre ultra-marathon across Australia’s Snowy Mountains whilst climbing its highest 21 mountains.
  3. ‘Man Vs Machine’ Ultra-Marathon Race: In 2016, Kyle beat a Jeep Wrangler in a ‘Man vs Machine’ adventure race climbing 3 of Australia’s highest mountains across 3 States in 20-hours nonstop.
  4. ‘A2k’ Fastest Known Time: In 2013, Kyle set the fastest time to climb all of Australia’s 2,000 metre mountain peaks nonstop (26 peaks across 130-kilometres in 48 hours).

As well as travelling the world to tackle its most difficult marathons and climbs, Kyle is also an Adventure Trek Leader, a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sport Nutrition, a fully qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, a well-published fitness and nutrition writer, and was an Australian Army Physical Trainer/Medic in the past.

So, if there's an adventure out there that's super cool, but slightly outrageous and never done before, then it’s probably on Kyle’s list!

Q&A with Kyle

1. What has been your favourite journey so far? I have been fortunate to have undertaken some amazing adventure experiences across the world in my lifetime. That being said, the biggest lesson I have learnt is the ‘journey’ is far more important than any goal/destination. So, I really strive to ‘live’ in the moment everyday and enjoy any journey I’m currently on. Climbing mountains is really just a metaphor for life - Like a mountain, life is all about the ups, the downs, and the grinds in between.

2. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced? I am someone who is inspired by challenge, I live for it. I have an affinity with the mountains that I can’t really explain. When I’m deep in a physical battle on a mountain somewhere, I feel more alive than ever - it’s a real as life gets for me! Each new adventure always ends up being the biggest challenge I’ve faced! In saying that, the achievement I am most proud of is my world-record in the ‘State 8’ adventure. That adventure involved some of the toughest conditions, logistics, and physical challenges I have ever faced. In short, I crossed the entirety of Australia under 6 days on less than 8 hours sleep whilst running nearly 170-kilometres of mountain running.

3. How do you manage your nutritional needs during marathon or climb? I experimented with lots of different strategies in training until I found a combination of eating/drinking that worked well. I then individualised it to my specific adventure needs. In short, my nutritional focus during adventures is on hydration first, then calories/energy second. I generally practice a ‘train low, race high’ strategy (low-carb diet primarily, with targeted use of extra carbohydrate during races).

4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador? I’ve been using Bulk Nutrients products since 2011 and have been fortunate to be an Ambassador since 2014. They really are your one-stop supplement shop that caters to every supplement need. I love the fact they are 100% Australian made by a home-grown family-based company in Tasmania. Their ethos of giving you the best product without the BS ingredients at great prices shows their integrity, which I value highly and respect. I really enjoy working with the whole Bulk Nutrients team - they are a fantastic and inspirational team! It is exciting to be part of the Team watching the brand grow into a powerhouse within the market. Quite simply, I wouldn’t endorse any other brand!

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