Luke Casey

Rugby Sevens Player & Model

Is it hot in here or did Luke Casey just step in the room?

Meet our sponsored athlete who is not only an experienced rugby player but also a male model. Luke currently models for THE.mgmt, plays for the Eastwood Rugby Union Football Club and is studying at university.

Luke is what we like to call ‘instafamous’ with 129,000 Instagram followers tracking every washboard ab photo and everything in between.

Q&A with Luke

1. Tell us about your training routine. Does it differ if you’re preparing for a photo shoot or the rugby season? Preparing for a photo shoot and a rugby game are two very different things and I often find myself being pulled in both directions on one side to bulk up and on the other side to trim down. Preparing for either doesn’t really change my daily workout routine however my nutrition changes dramatically.

A photo shoot is easy, my training stays the same however I have to slowly cut down on excess carbohydrates while maintaining adequate amounts of fats and proteins in my diet. This can be difficult to do when given minimal notice before a shoot and may require a more drastic cut in carbohydrates than I would like.

Prepping for a rugby game… now here is the fun part, on Thursday I allow myself to eat just about anything I want (within reason) and Friday is more of the same really, making sure I always have a bottle of water in my hand too. Saturday morning I have a reasonably large breakfast, as I don’t play till 3PM and snack on small meals prior to the game with my final snack at around 1:30PM when we head into the sheds.

2. Being a university student, how do you balance study with training and work? I am very lucky; I am a member of the Elite athletes program at my university. This enables me to allocate classes before anyone else meaning I can organize my timetable around my training and work schedules. Also under different circumstances I am allowed extra time on assessments and what not if I have a competition or my schedule becomes too hectic.

3. What have you got coming up in the next 12 months? This year is set to be a big one as I finish my degree and start some very exciting modelling projects, stay tuned! 

4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador? The main reason I love being a Bulk Nutrients ambassador is because it is easy to get behind something you genuinely believe works and is a quality product. People can tell if someone is genuine and being passionate about the brand and what they offer is so easy when you believe in it too.

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