Maria Bond

Weight Loss Champion & Fitness Competitor

Meet Maria! She’s a Mum of two who developed a passion for health and fitness and lost almost 40kg, since then she's become unstoppable!

Maria has evolved from weight loss champ to half marathon runner to bodybuilding competitor in just a matter of years. She completed her first half marathon when her daughter was just 12 weeks old and backed it up with a second one two weeks later.

After completing two half marathons in 2015 Maria decided to compete in bodybuilding. She competed in 2016 making it into the top five of both shows and most recently became the ICN Australian Champion in the Fitness Momma category.

Maria is now working with fellow Ambassador Alicia Gowans and her Ally’s Angels team and plans to compete with the WBFF in 2018. 

She has even built her own app! It’s called Run Buddy and is designed to connect people so they can run safely and socially.

This is all on top of working full time and running a business, you go girl!

Q&A with Maria

1. How do you balance family life with training and prep?
I'm very lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband who shares the house work 50/50 and we've both just come to terms with the fact the house will be scattered with toys for the next few years so we just let the kids be kids. I make efficient use of every minute of the day and sometimes do laundry at 5am, meal prep or food shopping at 9pm etc, I just fit it in where I can and try to make sure I'm being productive in everything I do.

Although, having said that I know when to admit defeat and I do ask my mum for help sometimes (good old mums, they always save the day!) Fitting in training is an absolute non-negotiable, it's one hour of the day that's for me which I don't think is too much to ask, training is my relaxation and reset time.

2. What advice would you give to other women out there wanting to change their lifestyle like you did?
It sounds so cliché but my advice is to just do it! Often as Mums we put our hubby and the kids needs before ourselves and we suffer, look after yourself first and everything else will follow.

3. What is your ultimate cheat meal?
Pepperoni pizza - definitely!

4. Tell us about your mobile app, Run Buddy.
Run Buddy came to be when I was training for my first half marathon. A young school girl had been brutally murdered a few suburbs from where I live which scared the daylight out of me, so I wanted to find other people to do my training runs with so I felt safer. I searched and couldn't find anything out there to solve my problem so I figured I'd build it. Australia Day 2017 will be our first anniversary in the App Store and as it stands we have thousands of users in over 20 countries around the world!

5. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador?
Honesty, transparency and integrity are all the things I pride myself on and those values are definitely what Bulk Nutrients represents to me. I love helping people achieve their goals and what better way than with an Aussie brand that I love. Working at the events we sponsor is my favourite part as I love chatting to people and hearing their stories.

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