Nicole Frain

Clean Treats, Research & Development

Bulk Ambassador Nicole is all about creating tasty, guilt-free recipes for us to enjoy! Nicole has always had an interest in health and fitness and this has followed her into all areas of her life.

Nicole has competed in various fitness model and bikini competitions over the years and holds a certificate in Personal Training.

Nicole is a busy person with several jobs and projects on the go at once. By day she works at Bulk Nutrients in research and development creating all the delicious foodie products you have come to love. Nicole is also our onsite recipe creator whipping up tasting treats to share with the Bulk Community.

As a way to share her clean cooking creations, Nicole started her Clean Treats Facebook and Instagram accounts in 2013, growing her large following organically.

One of the things Nicole is most passionate about is peanut butter. This love for peanut butter led her to launching TheNuttyWhey, a small online business selling high protein, low fat powdered peanut butter worldwide!

Nicole competed with the Bulk Nutrients team in the Sole Motive Active Tri Series in 2017 and discovered a new passion, triathlons. Despite an injury she is recovering from she has big plans for endurance events in 2018.

Q&A with Nicole

1. Where did your love for cooking stem from?
I never started cooking until I left home, and started to really take an interest in health and cooking to match. CleanTreats was started to help show off my cooking recipes so that I wasn't inundating my friends with all my ideas, they could chose to follow if they wanted. From here, I saw a huge interest in what I was making, and this just drove me to want to get more and more creative. I don't have to follow recipes now, I just follow inspiration, I find it really fun.

2. What has been your favourite clean treats recipe so far and why?
Absolutely my Raw Snickers Cake. It is always really popular on social media, no matter how many re shares. It can be swapped to include protein, made to meet vegan requirements and well it's just so tasty! I think it might be the addition of peanut butter.

3. Tell us what it’s like working in research and development
Research and Development can be a challenge but really rewarding as well. When coming up with an idea you need to be open minded to the fact that what you think will work, or taste good, either doesn't, or it doesn't appeal to everyone. So you do have to have a backbone with receiving feedback.

One of the biggest components I love, is when I jump onto the Facebook wall or product reviews and see people loving the products I worked on. Seeing people enjoy the work I do, is probably the most rewarding. Then there are the really fun parts like the 12 Days of Christmas, where my imagination can just run wild!

4. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador?
Being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador is about being a part of a team and working together on a brand we love, and all use. When we meet among our various states it's like we all know each other and immediately can spend a great weekend together. We all have points of difference and various sports background which I love finding out more about.

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Bulk Nutrients products Nicole can’t live without

Whey Protein Isolate"Specifically salted caramel! Pure, and delicious protein for my post workout"

Bulk Shaker"What's a drink bottle? I don't think I drink out of anything else anymore!"

Quick Protein Pancakes"Cinnamon are my favourite, if I am after a treat they are delicious with maple and peanut butter"

ZMA Complex"Helps me sleep, relax and reduce muscle soreness. A couple before bed and I'm happy!"

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