Tanya Poppett

Personal Trainer and Fitness Influencer

Meet Tanya!

She’s a Sydney based trainer with a serious passion for health and fitness.

Coming from a fitness loving family with five brothers and three sisters, Tanya was always encouraged to pursue sport and after trying out a few, found her calling – running.

Tanya trained hard and competed year long, cross country in winter and athletics in summer, and she loved it.

Later on whilst studying to become a school teacher at university, Tanya turned towards the fitness industry again. She wanted to learn more about the way our bodies move and how we can keep them moving effectively and efficiently throughout our lives. Since then, she hasn’t looked back.

Let’s not forget her app! The popular Train with Tanya 12-week interactive training program is available on Apple and Android.

Through her work as a trainer and social media influencer, Tanya aims to alter the entrenched view that being healthy is about how you look. She says “It's not about achieving a thigh gap or flat stomach; it's about achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle that enables each individual to strive for their personal best and own health goals.”

We love that mantra, Tanya you’re a real Poppett rocket!

Q&A with Tanya

1. Describe your favourite moment in your health and fitness career so far. I don’t think there has been one particular moment but I just love the fact that I’m in a field where I am inspired to constantly learn and evolve.

2. What is your nutrition philosophy? I’m all about balance. I like to choose nutrient rich foods throughout the day but won’t say no to chocolate haha.

Personal Trainer and Fitness Influencer Tanya Poppett

3. What does your current training schedule look like? It’s a little all over the place at the moment as my routine is a little out of whack with all the travelling I’ve been doing. But each week I usually try to get in two strength sessions, two run or swim sessions (steady state or intervals) and two or three mobility and body weight movement sessions.

4. What exciting things do you have coming up this year? I have three big retreats with Active Escapes this year which I am really excited about. 2 are in Bali in April and May, then another one later on in the year in Noosa. I will also be releasing a new App soon which I have been working really hard on since mid-last year.

5. Why do you enjoy being a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador? Being part of the Bulk team is like being a part of a family. The team are so supportive of one another, it’s a great community to be a part of. They also have an amazing plant-based range that's full of all the good stuff.

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Be inspired by Tanya's fast paced workouts on Instagram as well as all her travel snaps. You can also catch her on Facebook and check out her personal website.

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