Trent Baynes

Bodybuilder - Fitness and Physique

Trent Baynes: Bodybuilder - Fitness and Physique

Name: Trent Baynes


Weight: Off-Season 82kg

Competition Weight: 73kg

Height: 177.5cm

Sports you participate in: Bodybuilding (Particularly Men's Fitness and Men's Physique)

Location: Cranbourne North, Victoria

Tell us a little about yourself

In 2011, I started off as a scrawny kid weighing in at 65kg after I caught a sickness that made me lose a whole heap of weight. Once I'd beaten it I decided to join a gym to out on some muscle, impress some girls and feel more confident about myself.

I absolutely loved it and forgot about impressing girls and just focused on how big I could get. Fast forward to 2019 and I've won my first Bodybuilding show and have never looked back! I enjoy every minute of teaching people how to lift and enjoy their own lives with bodybuilding included into it!

What are your biggest athletic career wins:

So far, placing 1st in 3 men's fitness categories and taking out Overall Champion at the INBA Victoria State Titles in October 2019

Trent Baynes Bodybuilder

What is your ultimate fitness/sports goal: To earn my pro card with ICN and INBA.

A random fact about you: I'm a burger fanatic!

What does your training life look like: When I'm not working, or training clients from home I train a 4 day split of Upper and Lower. With an emphasis on Hypertrophy and Strength Building.

Why Bulk Nutrients: The fact that they are Australian Owned and Operated really appeals to me. Sometimes I need my supplements quick and I know I'm going to receive quality supplements fast and on time!

What supplements do you use/recommend: Protein Matrix, Pump FX, Pre 101 and The Zone.

Social media links where you want people to follow you:

Follow me on:

Instagram : @trentbaynespt

Facebook : Trent Baynes PT

YouTube : Trent Baynes

What Bulk Nutrients products do you use/recommend:

Protein Matrix+
" Tastes fantastic and really helps with getting extra protein in during the day "

Pump FX Pre Workout Capsules
" If you want insane pumps, this is the way to go "

Pre Workout 101
" For when you need that actual kick to get a great work out in "

The Zone Pre Workout
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