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Is there something you really wanna know? But the question is really stupid and kinda embarrassing? No worries, here at Bulk we believe there is no question too stupid and have your back!

When it comes to the gym and taking supplements there a lot of ambiguity and stupidity, so we’re more than happy to clear that up for you.

Perhaps you’re after some knowledge on gym etiquette or some clarification on supplementation which sounds suspiciously bro-science'y.

Because if you’re wondering, it’s pretty likely that other gym goers are wondering just the same thing.

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll help you out as best we can. Best of all, by submitting your Stupid Question you might be our weekly winner and score 1kg of your favourite Bulk Nutrients protein.

Be sure to check out the Bulk Nutrients Blog where each Wednesday we post our favourite Stupid Questions from the last week. They'll be sure to get you giggling, and you never know... you might just learn something.

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