6 reasons to shop with Bulk Nutrients

6 reasons to shop with Bulk Nutrients

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Feb 12, 2015 in #Feature Articles.

1. Amazing prices with absolutely no middleman.

Remember the old way of doing business?

Unfortunately in the supplement industry there is still a lot of that going on. The “company” man hires contractors to manufacture his products, once they are made they go to a separate warehouse and are distributed to retailers and then to you, this adds a margin of at least 50-60% more than the price necessary if you bought straight form the source.

While with other internet suppliers you may buy direct from a warehouse, the middleman scenario still exists in terms of ingredient supply and manufacture.

At Bulk Nutrients we offer a very streamlined system. Ingredients come in massive quantities, we use an efficient workforce and advanced machinery to blend and pack (after the products have been formulated in house) then the finished products go onto our dispatch team where they are dispatched straight to you. From raw ingredients to dispatch directly to you, we have the most efficient system possible.

Consider how cheap your milk would be if you could buy it from the dairy, or the price of vegetables if you could buy them from the grower instead of the supermarket, and you start to get an idea of how Bulk Nutrients can operate with such great pricing.

If you could buy many popular brands straight from their warehouse and reduced much of their sales/marketing expenses you’d be getting close to the prices Bulk Nutrients offers the customer, however that won’t be possible until they completely streamline their system as we have.

2. No gimmick products

Do you want the next best thing? If you are looking for a gimmick and prefer loads of hype with little substance, Bulk Nutrients may not be for you. We don’t do “revolutionary” products that disappear from the market a few months after they are launched (once people realise they don’t work) and flog something else in the perpetual B.S cycle – which much of this industry is about.

Our range starts with pure ingredients that have been used for many years. We disclose all our ingredients, at the rates they are used and the origins of them.

With our formulated range we are one of (if not the only) company to offer a policy where we include not only ingredients that work, but at the EXACT same doses as utilised in proper verified studies. This gives you the best chance possible of getting results from products, nothing unnecessary, and everything that is in doses that matter. For more information we recommend you look into our formulated range and compare our products to others available.

Our R&D team includes two Science degrees and a PhD (three people in total), rather than the numbers of people or letters after their names, most importantly all involved have an ethos centered around credible research and supplement use as it should be, honest and clear products with no smoke and mirrors.

3. Excellence in customer service

It can’t be denied that one problem with many online sellers is a lack of customer service. We’ve all been through it; no physical address, no phone number- “when are they going to get back to my emails” (Surely everyone’s felt like that).

With Bulk Nutrients we make things easy, you can contact us by phone (during business hours), or by email and Facebook virtually 24 hours a day. With staff specifically dedicated to Facebook and phone customer service roles, we are there to hear your concerns and answer your queries.

Bulk Nutrients shipping policy means that every order received before 3pm on a business day is dispatched the same day. If it comes in after then, it leaves the next day. With all orders under 3kg being sent express it means goods usually arrive promptly. While we can’t control Australia Post (who we use exclusively for shipping) we offer a great tracking system, with all customers receiving all tracking details via email once there order comes through.

In the case that there is an issue or error with your order, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us.

4. 100% Australian Owned and Operated

They say our local manufacturing is heading to the wall. With costs higher than the rest of the world, and foreign imports cheaper than ever, Australia isn’t in the best position.

At Bulk Nutrients, we are extremely proud to say that every single one of our products is 100% Australian made.

Being made in Australia means we source local goods where possible (and inject millions into our economy per year on raw goods purchase), and employ people in manufacturing as well as sales, dispatch and all of management.

5. Guaranteed Quality Control and Ingredient Supply

Our “manufacturer direct to the customer” doesn’t just save you money, but also offers you absolute quality control. We purchase all ingredients off certified suppliers in bulk quantities, formulate, manufacture, warehouse and dispatch all in the one (very large) facility.

This means from the time the raw ingredient arrives (after being individually verified by us), we carefully handle and process it until it goes out the door. No contractors, no distributors, no retailers, just from us direct to you. For this reason we can offer a guarantee very few companies can, which is a 100% money back guarantee that our products will be supplied as per ingredients spec and nutritional information.

Being a large company who is audited by Food Standards Australia as well as the Dairy Authority, we are governed by legislation that means we do the right thing. For us it is simple, but it may be worth checking if your supplier can offer the same.

At Bulk Nutrients we purchase only 100% pharmaceutical grade Amino Acid and Extracts from companies such as Ajinomoto and others who supply the world’s biggest brands. Our Proteins come from Fonterra, Mullins, Milk Specialties and others who supply the world’s largest company’s food manufacturers, with most of our carbohydrates being made in Australia also.

6. We support the industry who supports us

Every year we spend more and more sponsoring 50+ bodybuilding (INBA, IFBB, ANB and NABBA), strongman, arm wrestling and endurance events as well as fitness expo’s around the country. If you have been to events such as this, it’s likely you have seen Bulk Nutrients there. Whether it is us providing samples for free, or educating people on the benefits of our range, we get out there amongst it, and always will.

It is the least we can do, as it’s these people and the spectators (you) who have built our business. We choose where to spend our marketing/advertising budget (which is quite modest for our turnover) and while we have minimal advertising in magazines, we prefer to put our money into events which are what the industry is all about.

As long as it continues to work, we will continue with that methodology.

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