7 weeks out from a world first 21 Peak Main Range Ultra Marathon

7 weeks out from a world first 21 Peak Main Range Ultra Marathon

Posted by Kyle Williams on Sep 17, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

I am now 7 weeks out from my upcoming adventure – The 21 Peak Main Range Ultra Marathon.

In this blog, I am going give a general overview of the training road to get to here. I have effectively been preparing for this adventure since January. In the 9 months since, my training has been an alternating and steadily progressive combination of running and strength work.

Prior to starting preparation for this adventure, my running base was a big fat zero as I had spent the previous 6 months focused on hiking as part of my A2k adventure. Combine that with battling a lot of calf soft-tissue problems meant I had to adopt a very cautious approach to build running fitness.

So over the first 6 months, my training was a very very slow build-up of run/walk combinations 3 times a week to steadily build up mileage without hurting myself. On the strength side, I was doing three gym session a week: Two lower body based sessions and one session generally an upper body day. The focus was on the big lifts for low reps with intermediate volume i.e. Deadlift/Front Squats/Bench 5×5.

Once I hit 4 months out, my gym training was scaled back to twice a week and I added another run (4 runs a week). By then, I was fully running over an hour for all my sessions.

Now that I have reached 7 weeks out, I am continuing with 4 runs each week but have reduced my gym sessions to 1. I have found that the leg fatigue from my ever increasing run volume combined with 2 lower body focussed strength sessions per week makes it too hard for me to recover for subsequent sessions. Here’s what my gym session looks like: Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up 10 reps (5 each side), Deadlift 3×5, KB Swing 50 reps, Walking Lunge 60 reps, Accessory work: Core & lower back.

Supplementation has been an important aspect of helping my recovery as my training load increased. I have definitely noticed the difference in soreness reduction from consistently using BCAA Recovery. I recommend you try it ice cold – so refreshing! For all my running sessions, you just cannot go past Recuper8. It really is the perfect mix of essential fuel for endurance with right mix and type of carbs, bcaa’s and electrolytes. It mixes well and tastes great – can’t rate it highly enough.

With 7 weeks to go, now the real ‘grind’ period starts. Just got to keep getting the work done and looking after the body. Unlike the actual adventures themselves, training during these periods can be a bit monotonous and very non-glamorous, but having the discipline to keep getting it done is what will make the difference between success and failure in 7 weeks time.

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