A Year At Bulk Nutrients

A Year At Bulk Nutrients

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Dec 20, 2017 in #Feature Articles.

We’ve had a busy 2017 with many new products, new flavours,  limited edition releases and an influx of  events throughout the year. Some would say we haven’t stopped! As we come to the end of the year, which is typically our calm before the New Year’s Resolution storm, we thought we would share with you some of the highlights of the year.

It’s important to remember that these achievements and events throughout the year are only possible because of our customers, ambassadors, affiliates, associated businesses and everyone else who is involved with our team at Bulk Nutrients.

We hope you have had a great year with us, and we look forward to sharing the new one with you!


A New Year and we were straight off the mark of sporting events, getting involved in our second Active Tri Series with a great team of Bulk staff members and setting up our first Recharge Zone at the Portsea Twilight Run.

We also paired up with Genesis Fitness to help you on your New Year’s Resolution offering a free two-week trial for all Bulk Nutrients members.

It wouldn’t be a New Year without a new flavour launch, and our first for the year was Earth Protein in Salted Caramel, due to its success in our Whey Protein range.


Now your fitness is getting better, we thought we would make sure all your internal mechanics were in check too!

We launched Tri Fibre +. We also continued on our streak of endurance events being a part of the Sole Motive Sunset Runs Series at the Melbourne Zoo and participated in the third Active Tri Series event.


We introduced Total Meal Replacement Vanilla Caramel, to join our already pcpular Chocolate and said goodbye to Strawberry shortly after.

We launched our new Stringer Singlets so you look good training and we made a small adjustment to our popular Pea Protein which has only seen increased popularity thanks to our Product Development work.

We held our first Refeed Zone at the ICN Championships in Victoria which saw the team busy cooking all day for hungry competitors and some of the team took to a new event to watch Water Polo by the Sea at Bondi Beach.


Hitting 70,000 likes on our Facebook page was a pretty proud achievement for us this month. Thanks to all of our fans for that one!

We exhibited at our own local Tasmanian Health and Fitness Expo, and our own Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Alicia Gowans was crowned WBFF 2017 LA 35+ Pro Fitness Champion! We also gave you Beta Alanine in a capsule, perfect for when you don’t have anything to mix in with the powder.


Our favourite Bulk Nutrients Van had a makeover, and we become HASTA certified for a number of our products. So you can be confident you are only consuming safe and pure products for your tested sport.

We launched our ‘Aussie Made‘ campaign, to make sure you all know you’re proudly supporting an Australian company that supports local jobs and the economy.


We wanted your opinion this month and we ran a trial for the first 500 orders of Quick Protein Oats to test our Chocolate and Creamy Banana flavours! It was a tough call, but Creamy Banana won, and it’s proven popular ever since.

To help make your shopping life easier we made some website adjustments and included a ‘Shop By Diet’ option. We attended more ICN events and Refeed Zones before attending Comic-Con in Melbourne.


We had one of our most unforgettable product launches this month releasing Future Whey, a product we worked on for over a year to bring you and one we are mighty proud of! Coming in Lemonade and Cola, it’s proven very popular. The only question will be, what flavour to launch next?

The action-packed Uni Games in Newcastle and Geelong were attended to early this month to help fuel all the athletes and supporters of the Games.

We also celebrated Christmas in July, which saw competitions and limited edition releases of Vanilla Latte Earth Protein, as well as Rocky Road Protein Matrix +. The Rocky Road flavour must have won your vote, because it has now become a permanent addition to our range in our Quick Protein Ball Mix. We also added Earth Protein to our travel pack range, because you asked us to!


We are ‘BULK’ Nutrients, so this month we brought our first of many ‘Epic’ recipes. This month Clean Treats created an Epic Smoothie, from protein balls, berry smoothie, raw donut and protein ‘mousse’. This smoothie wasn’t for the faint hearted, but was perfect to share.

The team also attended one of the biggest running events of the year, Run Melbourne, as well as headed to an even colder place (yes colder than Tassie), Thredbo to the Australian University Sport Snow Games. To top it off we started our search of new Bulk Nutrients Ambassadors.


Our Protein Matrix+ range has been asking for a new flavour for a while now, so we delivered. Choc Honeycomb was added to the list with excellent reviews.

We also attended our final Comic-Con and Uni Game events (for this year anyway).


Hopefully you have managed to be in contact with us again since our phones cut out for a short while in early October, and if you had only been on the website instead, you would have noticed we added Lemonade BCAA Recovery to our product offerings. That’s because it has been so popular in Future Whey!

We also relaunched Beef Protein to a revamped flavour; Double Choc.

We sent some of our staff to the heart of Australia this month; Uluru, to be involved in the annual Anytime Fitness conference. If you missed it, we partnered with them earlier in the year to bring our supplements to your local gym.


Hemp became legalised in Australia as a food for consumption this month, so we jumped right on that bandwagon and had some Hemp Protein up for sale mid-month.

Pre Workout 101 jumped on the Lemonade train and we made that in Berry Lemonade for you to try!

We hit 80,000 likes on our Facebook this month and also made some pretty tasty treats for you on the Bulk Recipe Blog.


And as the year draws to a close, we haven’t really slowed down!

Our 12 Days of Christmas was in full swing earlier this month which in case you missed it is where we give away 12 bags of limited flavoured product over the course of the first 12 Days of December!

We invite all our staff (over 55) and some special guests to our annual Christmas Function which is always enjoyable before a lot of us take a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year.

But don’t worry, we are still here to pack your orders on time and give you any advice you’re after (excluding Public Holidays!).

Phew, after reading all that, I am sure you have to agree the team need a break! But, we can’t wait to come back in 2018 and do it all again!

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