Alicia Gowans - Injury

Alicia Gowans - Injury

Posted by Alicia Gowans on Mar 04, 2016 in #Ambassador Blogs.

I have always been that girl that pushes the limits! Whether it in corporate, in the gym or on stage, I have always pushed myself to be best I can be. I have never settled for anything less than 100% from myself and I set the bar high! My journey has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns but no matter the struggle, I have always grinded my way through.

If I have learned anything from my journey so far, it is that to get the best from yourself you have to push yourself to your limits, mentally and physically. I have done this my entire life, and in the process achieved some amazing things; multi-million dollar businesses, national body building titles, WBFF Pro Card. It has all been incredibly rewarding.

Sometimes though you get thrown a reminder that you are, at the end of the day only human. I’ve had lots of injuries, but coming back from a broken back has been one of my more challenging ones. It was a freak event; I wasn’t lifting heavy, I had warmed up, worked through my engagement exercises, was wearing a belt and was using all the right gear, but for some reason life had something else in store for me. Maybe it was trying to slow me down, maybe teaching me to connect with my body in a way I hadn’t done so before. I’m still working it out. But to be honest as much as it has sucked and been a challenge at times, I also view it as a rewarding experience. It has made me stronger for it, physically and mentally.

Over the past 5 months I have worked my way up from barely being able to walk, to band exercises, yoga and now thankfully lifting! I have worked through some serious injuries before, but to get through this one I had to pull out all the stops:

  • Three sessions a week with the team at Peak Sport & Spine working first on stopping the muscle spasms and reducing pain and inflammation, then working through engagement, core strength and flexibility. We smash two physio sessions and one pilates now and we are making progress!!
  • Daily rehab, mobility and strength work. This has been crucial to making steady progress on the right direction. Lots of neural glides, band exercises, form rolling and trigger pointing.
  • Reprogramming of my nutrition, and especially my supplements to give me extra support. Hitting foods high in omega 3 and natural anti-inflammatories, then boosting these with specialised supps from Bulk Nutrients.  I’ve increased my glucosamine and vitamin C for muscle repair and immune boosting, added in a little more Zinc to fight inflammation and hit extra ZMA every night to improve my sleep and give my body extra help to recover.

So many people over look that coming back from injury is just like training. You have to eat right, supplement right, hit all of your sessions and have the right mind set! It takes a lot of hard work, determination and dedication to build yourself back up. You have to rehab every day like a boss and there is no paying off sessions!

I won’t say it has been all smooth sailing. It hasn’t. There has been ups and downs, twists and turns, but with each day we get the chance to do it right. To make the most of the opportunities you are given to grow and to learn. I am thankful that I am almost back to 100%. I have some big goals this year and no time to waste.

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