Alicia Gowans' Road to LA: Part 1 - Mindset And Goal Setting

Alicia Gowans' Road to LA: Part 1 - Mindset And Goal Setting

Posted by Alicia Gowans on Feb 21, 2017 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Bulk ambassador Alicia Gowans is a WBFF Fitness Diva Pro, WBFF International Liaison and the owner and head coach of Ally’s Angels and Alphas. She is again competing on the world’s stage in just nine short weeks at the WBFF LA ProAm.

You can follow Alicia’s journey to the WBFF LA ProAm here. In this new nine part weekly series she will let you in behind the scenes of her life as a pro bodybuilder and fitness model.

Alicia will be sharing with you her tip and tricks, as well as insights into her competition prep, mind set, training, nutrition and of course, supplementation.

Keep an eye out each week for a new and exciting article.

Part 1 – Mindset & Goal Setting

“Expectation is the root of all heartaches”, or so said William Shakespeare.

I don’t think the masterful writer was far from the mark either in life or in fitness!

I am rapidly approaching the nine week countdown until the WBFF LA Pro Am, where I will be competing once again against the best of the best, where fitness meets fashion.

I am a seasoned competitor, but every time the idea of going up against some of the best bodies in the world enters my mind, I tingle with excitement. I love the challenge, I love the journey, I love grinding day in day out knowing that my only true competition every day is myself – as I strive each time I step on stage to bring a better package than the last time.

Setting realistic goals, with balanced and measured expectations is vital in all areas of life. And having realistic goals is just as important as having a winning mindset! Our thoughts and our attitude determine our success and consistent application of continued effort is what it truly takes to be a champion.

When you set goals are your expectations of the outcomes realistic? Too often I see people of all ages and experience levels setting themselves up to fail by placing huge expectations on themselves, with incredible unrealistic goals.  For example – developing a winning physique takes time. It has taken me more than five years of consistent lifting, nutrition and supplementation to get to where I am and to be competitive on the world’s stage.

When I started body building my goal was to bring the best package I could to stage. The next year to build upon my physique from the previous year – each year developing my physique a little more, working on my development zones and carving out the body I have today. And I am still working on it!

You can’t just show up and think that you will take out your competition on your first go. Don’t get me wrong there are some genetically gifted people out there – I was fortunate to win national championships in my first year of competing. But I am a freak!

For the average person it may take two or three attempts to get to where you want to be. And it is important that you keep focused during your journey and know that it truly does take time. If you think that you can just breeze in and smash it, chances are you won’t and you will be left bitterly disappointed. Achieving your goals takes planning, it takes hard work and it takes dedication to relentlessly pursue your goals not matter what life throws at you.

You have to stay positive and see everything as an opportunity to grow and to learn. I broke my back 15 months ago and for a professional athlete that has the potential to be devastating. But rather than focus on what I didn’t have or couldn’t do, I got to work on rebuilding. Taking the opportunity to learn more about more body and my mind than ever before.

We are all faced with obstacles and we all have the opportunity to use them as a chance to be the victor or the victim. To see the silver lining or wallow in the misery of our own self-pity. When I started rehab, my goal was simply to be able to walk pain free again. Gradually being able to do band and cable work. Then my goal was to lift and rebuild my body. Expecting in the first week of rehab to be back lifting the next week would have been unrealistic, and when I didn’t achieve it (because there was no way I could have) I would have been massively disappointed if that was my goal.

Mindset impacts every part of our life. How we choose to see things and what attitude we take when life throws us curve balls will ultimately determine your success. If your goals are realistic, if they are achievable and if you approach them with the mindset of a champion, then you can’t help be achieve them!

My goal is to bring the absolute best package I can to the stage in nine weeks time. To be better than the girl who stood on stage the last time I competed. Whats your goal?

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