Alicia Gowans" Road to LA: Part 2 - Injury And Flexibility

Alicia Gowans" Road to LA: Part 2 - Injury And Flexibility

Posted by Alicia Gowans on Feb 28, 2017 in #Ambassador Blogs.

You’ve sneezed before right? I mean everyone has! But have you ever sneezed, popped a disc out in your back and potentially had your whole comp prep derailed?

That was my week last week. Nine weeks out from stage and laying on the physios table, wondering how I was going to pull off another two months of prep and somehow still be competitive on stage. While I lay there, I was reminded once again how quickly things can change and how challenges will inevitably pop up in everything we do, threatening our well laid plans. How dare they!

One of the key factors in being successful in professional body building, or any aspect of life really, is your ability to be flexible. Now I am not talking about being able to touch your toes or do the splits, I am talking about mental flexibility. Having an attitude that can adapt to the ups and downs of training and competing. Being able to face the challenges that will inevitably present themselves with positivity, fortitude and a little grace.

Image via @aliciagowns_wbffpro Instagram account.

Have you ever seen someone so rigid in their mindset that the slightest inconvenience or disruption can completely derail their plans? They resist anything that contradicts what they had in mind, and rather than flow with life and accepting what life will undoubtedly throw at them, when something unexpected or ‘bad’ happens, they are completely lost.

If I approached ever situation in this way then I would have been on the side lines with a broken back, instead of hustling for dreams and bringing the best me I can every day. Being adaptable, flexible and able to flow with life’s challenges is what sets the champions apart.

So this week has seen regular training take a back seat, as I have focused largely on treatment and rehabilitation. I have swapped my dumbbells for bands and foam rollers, my lifting sessions for physio and chiropractic sessions and my regular cardio for hypoxi and infrared sauna. And despite the odds, progress is being made!

Image via @aliciagowns_wbffpro Instagram account.

Minor adjustments to my nutrition and supplementation has seen me now sitting a little leaner. Bulk Nutrients’ AM and PM Burners are working wonders for me and as with any injury repair, I have been smashing much needed Bulk Nutrients’ L-Glutamine, Vitamin C and Proviotics. Combining slight tweaks in nutrition and training and using great quality supplements has seen me still on track, despite a popped disc.

Challenges are inevitable in all that we do. What separates us is how we choose to see them and whether our attitude remains positive and optimistic and our mindset remains flexible. It is the challenges that make our journey interesting. They may make the climb a little harder, but they make the view all the more worthwhile.

Alicia will be back with Part 3 of her ‘Road to LA’ blog next week.

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