Alicia Gowans" Road to LA: Part 5 - Nutrition

Alicia Gowans" Road to LA: Part 5 - Nutrition

Posted by Alicia Gowans on Mar 24, 2017 in #Ambassador Blogs.

If you have ever competed in body building you will know that nutrition during comp prep is incredibly different to what you might experience as a fitness enthusiast, someone undergoing a transformation process or someone just trying to lose weight.

I am five weeks out, so at this point things are getting real!

My current diet

Some people think that diet at this point is all steamed chicken and broccoli, and that if you aren’t starving hungry, tired and hating life then you just aren’t doing prep right. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and at five weeks out I am certainly not hating life, nor am I eating steamed chicken and broccoli every day!

For me being five weeks out from the stage, my diet is still sitting quite high in calories, my cardio is still minimal and I am still hitting long, heavy sessions. I’m continuing to use a carbohydrate rotation cycle with low days interspersed between high days. The high days are planned around my big lifting days, where I do legs or high volume work.

Because I sit lean all year round for professional commitments, my cutting phase isn’t quite as long as others. Don’t worry though over the next few weeks I will be slowly dropping calories and increasing cardio.

Image taken from @aliciagowans_wbffpro’s Instagram account.

The importance of supplements

During this part of comp prep as you begin to drop body fat, supplementation is really important. And it is important for a number of reasons. Firstly it is needed to replace any of the vitamins and minerals you might become deficient in. Going through the ‘cutting’ process and trying to drop body fat as low as possible is very taxing on the body. Therefore you need to give it extra support during this time. Secondly, the right supplements can aid you in cutting body fat.

One of the most common questions I get asked is what supplements should you take when you are trying to drop body fat? Well, in combination with the amazing team at Bulk Nutrients I have pulled together a shredding stack of supplements to help you on your way to get lean fast! So here it is, Ally’s Ultimate Shred Stack.

My ‘Ultimate Shred Stack’

AM/PM Burner: These are day time and night time fat burner combination that helps you burn fat by boosting metabolism 24/7. By using ingredients that promote a synergistic approach to overall fat loss, this product can help you on the shred train to achieve your performance and body composition goals.

Thermowhey: This product is amazing. It combines all of the benefits of hitting your protein macros, while also increasing the bodies natural fat burning capacity. Thermowhey has minimal carbohydrates and fat, so it’s perfect for prep life. The addition of Micellar Casein also means absorption is prolonged, which helps you feel fuller for longer.

Acetyl Carnitine: Helps increase the body’s cells’ ability to burn fat. It has been proven in clinical studies to not only improve mood and cognitive ability, but also to have a major benefit for those involved in weights training by helping the body to use stored fat for energy more easily.

Arginine Alphaketogluterate (AAKG): If you are looking for a product to give you insane pumps to maximise hypertrophy and muscular development then this is it. AAKG is Arginine with a Malic Acid attached, giving users advantages in nitric oxide production and oxygen delivery to muscle cells during training. AAKG combined with the right lifting strategy can help you improve overall body composition through increased growth and endurance during your sessions. More muscle mass, means a natural increase in metabolic rate, meaning more shred.

Image taken from @aliciagowans_wbffpro’s Instagram account.

Of course you need to always combine high quality supplements with an effective nutrition and training strategy aligned to achieving your overall performance and body composition goals. My shred stack will help on your way to getting lean fast!

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Stay tuned for another great lesson next week, when Alicia returns with Part Six of her journey.

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