Alicia Gowans" Road to LA: Part 7 - Self Belief

Alicia Gowans" Road to LA: Part 7 - Self Belief

Posted by Alicia Gowans on Apr 05, 2017 in #Ambassador Blogs.

There are no coincidences that our greatest successes in life come at times when we feel most supported.

I truly believe that one can never underestimate the power of words, the impact of a simple gesture or the genuine strength of self love upon the attainment of a goal.

At three weeks out, life has had the pleasure of serving me the inevitable curve ball, and genuinely testing my own personal resolve as much as those around me.

Image taken from @aliciagowans_wbffpro’s Instagram account.

Dealing with stress

Stress is a funny game and one that we are not given the ability to sit on the side lines for, but rather must participate in. At these times it’s often not our own ability to play the game, but the skills of those around us that can see us slide safely over the home run mat or be caught out before we even get to step off the plate.

In times of our great need we tend to rely upon others meeting our expectations, knowing how to play ball or simply being in the outfield to have your back. Sometimes, we fail to see that the only thing we can ever truly control in any game is our own part in it.

The last fortnight has taught me that not everyone in your team deserves to be on it, not everyone will have the same passion, drive and dedication to the goals as you do. That not everyone has the same self awareness, mental strength or confidence that you do.

Image taken from @aliciagowans_wbffpro’s Instagram account.

Relying on others

I have concluded that you simply can’t allow someone else’s shortcomings or insecurities to bring your game down a level. You simply can’t control human behaviour, for it is unpredictable and 100 per cent reliant upon the mental strength of each individual player, therefore the only thing you can ever predict is you and your performance.

Ultimately, what we actually need to hit the home run, is a fine tuned game plan with a laser focus on the ball being hit in our direction. Swing only at those things we can hit, with precision and a ferocious intensity, that teaches the curve ball that it has no place to stay on the ball park.

At a time where it’s always easier to sit back and blame your team for things that prevented the win…. I choose to step forward, take to the plate, load up my swing circle and crack me a home run!

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Stay tuned for another great lesson next week, when Alicia returns with Part Eight of her journey.

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