All You Need To Know About Chitosan

All You Need To Know About Chitosan

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Apr 16, 2018 in #Feature Articles#Product Information.

Say hello to the latest capsule product to hit the shelves at Bulk HQ, Chitosan.

What is Chitosan?

Chitosan is a natural fibre product derived from Chitin, a substance found in shellfish, lobster and shrimp.

Like other fibres, Chitosan is indigestible which allows it to move through the body without being absorbed.

Where it’s unique though is its ability to bind to fat. As Chitosan travels through the intestines it can grab onto fat molecules and take them on the ride. This process allows the fibre and fat to be removed from the body through excrement and therefore the fat isn’t absorbed.

Research supporting Chitosan's abilities

Chitosan is a relatively new ingredient in the supplement industry, but several studies have proved its ability to positively support weight loss and cholesterol levels.

One study used a double-blind, placebo-controlled group of over 130 overweight adults to test Chitosan’s efficacy.

The treatment group took 6,000mg of Chitosan per day and at the end of the study had the best results, losing more weight than the placebo and control groups.

Another study acquired similar results testing Chitosan’s effectiveness on weight loss. This study found Chitosan reduced the mean body weight by 3kg and improved body composition.

Why should I take Chitosan?

If you are on a weight loss journey or cutting down for a bodybuilding or fitness competition, you may find Chitosan useful for supporting your goals. It has also shown the ability to support healthy cholesterol levels.

Chitosan is available in convenient capsules

Our Chitosan is available in handy capsule form, this removes the mess and fuss of dosing each serve. This makes them ideal if you’re travelling or busy and on-the-go!

And that’s all the details on our new product, Chitosan. If you have any further queries about Chitosan or any of our products be sure to ask our helpful team of customer service experts.

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