An important update on buying at Bulk Nutrients

An important update on buying at Bulk Nutrients

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Mar 13, 2020

At Bulk Nutrients we’ve been working hard for months to be well prepared for the supply issues introduced by the COVID-19. As a company that proudly processes or manufacturers all the products we sell, we can offer customers a guarantee which many can’t.

You may have noticed very few of our products out of stock and that’s not by chance.

While the current conditions are challenging, we have significant stock levels that will allow us to ensure customers have a reliable supply. We also have watertight agreements with suppliers who we’ve dealt with for over 10 years, guaranteeing you a level of quality and safety which is unparalleled.

Regardless, there are a few small changes we have enacted to make sure all our customers can be continued to be serviced to the highest standard.

Please read below some of the questions and answers below and reach out to our customer service team by email, chat or phone if you have any queries at all.

We are restricting purchases of non-protein products to 5 units of each product per order

We want to ensure that as many customers as possible can source the products they need from us, and to do this we have identified that if one person buys HUGE volumes of product, many others may miss out while we are impacted by less secure supply chains.

We are removing the price breaks for purchasing larger volumes for non-protein products

As we explained above, we want to ensure as many customers as possible can source the products they need, and we also know that pricing of products is likely to rise for most if not all raw goods due to the global impact of coronavirus.

We want to be able to continue selling stock at the current prices for as long as possible, so temporarily we’re only offering the price breaks up to 1kg for powders or 2 bottles for capsules/tubs.

Are you going to run out of protein?

Nope, we aren't (well we’re 99.9% certain we won’t!). Though there may be some small product out of stocks in the future (probably in lower volume products), we’ve got a very robust and secure protein supply chain, and we carry a nice, big buffer onsite at Bulk HQ.

However, if all domestic freight grinds to a halt, that could impact us, but we believe it’s pretty unlikely to occur. But if that does happen - there will be some other significant issues you'll all be dealing with.

Do you think I should stock up now?

We don't think panic purchasing is necessary (#loopapergate).

If you purchase monthly, or every couple of months, then we think you're fine to continue to do so. We certainly don't think you need to buy 12 months’ worth of supps right now 'just in case'.

Will you still be able to send my order?

Yes we will.

We've got a great team of staff at Bulk HQ, and we've got plans in place to ensure we can keep those orders heading out the door should our staff be directly impacted. At this stage we have no direct impacts, but we are getting ready... just in case.

Are your products still safe?

Yes, they are, we still have the same excellent high standards we have always had, and we have added some additional staff training about what to do if they feel unwell with flu-like symptoms.

It's clear that the transmission of COVID-19 is not through food, but through person to person contact, or person to surface after recently touched/coughed/sneezed on by an infected person.

Can I buy my supps in greater than 5 bags per order again in the future?

Though our crystal ball seems to be malfunctioning, we do think that the impacts could be felt for some months.

We are committed to continuing to supply our great value supps in Australia and NZ, so we will continue to closely monitor what is happening and adjust our responses accordingly.

I'm feeling a bit worried now...

We definitely don't want to cause worry and panic, but we do want to assure you we’re making plans and keeping the customer at the centre of all that we do.

For further specific advice about personal safety, see the WHO recommendations here.

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