An Update On Our Bulk Games Charity

An Update On Our Bulk Games Charity

Posted by Hannah Rabe on Mar 22, 2017 in #Feature Articles.

Do you remember the inaugural Bulk Games that we held last year? While the events were a lot of fun and we all loved using our competitive nature to dominate our fellow co-workers, the main point of The Bulk Games was to raise money for one of the charities we support – Action And Development For Africa (AADFA).

AADFA was set up by Bulk Nutrients staff member Ben Khan, with the aim of  providing disadvantaged children in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with access to an education and a safe upbringing.

Some of the children receiving Bulk singlets.

Decades of war and feuds in The DRC have left the country relatively impoverished and unable to supply its youth with a stable education. Young women often suffer from a lack of access to education and many fall victim to sexual assault. AADFA therefore focuses on enabling children, particularly women, to receive a solid education and break the recurring cycle of poverty.

AADFA take many of their beliefs from an African proverb that says:

“If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – a whole nation.”

Ben and four other Bulk Nutrients staff members are originally from The DRC and therefore have experienced firsthand the difference between quality of life and education in Australia and The DRC.

While The Bulk Games were taking place, Ben went back to The DRC to oversee the running of the charity and to help support the over fifty children who are already benefiting from AADFA.

Some of the children who benefit from AADFA.

We were fortunate enough to have Ben in recently to chat to us about the progress of his trip and the effect AADFA has already had on so many children in The DRC.

“By helping a girl become an educated woman, you are lifting future generations of children out of poverty.”

Ben noted that AADFA have already helped many vulnerable women in Goma – in the North Kivu Provence – gain access to an education, or else to raise the capital to start a small business that will provide for their families.

They aim to continue to throw their support into protecting and promoting the education of vulnerable children, without damaging cultural values, as well as raising awareness of sexual assault and women’s rights.

In the long run, AADFA want to develop modern schools, promote gender equality, educate people on the prevention of AIDS/HIV and other epidemics, as well as organise a means of sustainable development and self-sufficiency, firstly in Goma and then further on.

Children and families who are helped by AADFA.

We can’t wait to start organising the 2017 Bulk Games and to raise more funds for such a great charity.

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