Andrew's Vegan Mass Builder Smoothie

Andrew's Vegan Mass Builder Smoothie

Posted by Andrew Lutomski on Jul 09, 2018

Estimated reading time: 3 mins

An easy, tasty vegan smoothie to help you build lean muscle worthy of a superhero!

The ultimate vegan mass building smoothie!

One of the biggest challenges for my vegan clients looking to put on lean muscle mass is hitting their daily protein intake and overall calorie goals.

Animal products are often high in protein, so when these are excluded from the diet, it can be beneficial to supplement with a quality protein powder.

Here is a very simple recipe using vegan organic products, featuring Natural Earth Protein.

This smoothie packs in 90g of vegan protein to promote lean muscle growth and the bananas provide a good source of energy and promote gains!

My go-to smoothie ingredients

  • 80g Vanilla Earth Protein
  • 2 Frozen Organic Bananas
  • 500ml Organic Almond and Coconut Milk (Nutty Bruce)


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

Depending on your desired macronutrient/calorie intake and taste, you may wish to decrease the volume of any of the ingredients or add some extras. A few options I like include…

  • Throwing in a few ice cubes to thicken and make it more of an ice cream consistency
  • Adding organic sweeteners or spices like stevia or cinnamon
  • Using half of the ingredients (1 banana, 40g earth protein, 250ml milk) for a smaller meal
  • Reducing the amount of almond/coconut milk and using cold water instead

Nutritional Information

Ingredients Amount Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar Fibre
Organic Bananas 180g 160 41g 1g 2g 2mg 22g 5g
Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein 80g 296 5g 3g 66g 262g 2g 2g
Nutty Bruce – Organic Almond & Coconut Milk 500ml 338 32g 20g 22g 230mg 8g 2g
TOTAL CALORIES: 794 78g 24g 90g 494mg 32g 9g

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