Appreciate the good times as they can be gone in the blink of an eye!

Posted by Sarah Perkins on Aug 27, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Hello all,

A shorter blog this week as I get into stride!

The last week or so most of you have, hopefully, been tuning in to the Soccer World Cup and/or the Tour de France. The 3rd rowing World Cup also took place a couple of weeks ago. I don’t follow the soccer but one topic, I feel, can relate to all three events.

The scene of Chis Froome getting into the car and abandoning the Tour amongst the many other crashes and abandons in this year’s Tour so far has stuck in my mind.

In the Open Men’s Single Scull (M1X) A final, Mindaugas Giskonis of Lithuania clipped a buoy with his right blade (oar) and fell in, losing his likelihood of a bronze medal. While crashes are unfortunately common in cycling, it’s rare to see an elite sculler go in.

The fleeting mortality of our efforts to reach the top is rather disturbing.

And yet this chance at putting in the hours and working hard for something great is addictive.

As I battle the tail end of glandular fever at present and watch these athletes, who have worked so hard for so long, lose so much in an instant, I reflect on how precious the good times are. To be fit, to be healthy and able is so underrated.


The last few days have been better, I’ve had a good 60’ jog on Friday and a 70’ jog Saturday. My Heart Rate is still elevated, so any running has to be very low intensity. Sunday I managed a 30’ jog before getting on my bike and riding for 2hrs. Very easy ride, however I’m pleased as it’s been 8 weeks since I was last on the bike.

The main aim at the moment is to work at getting in more sessions while monitoring my health. As irritating as it can be, I do have to take a few mornings and some afternoons off to rest. This coming week I’m aiming to get in a 60’+ run most days, be on the water 2 mornings and 2 afternoons and be on the bike when I feel rested enough. All sessions will be low intensity…low heart rate.

I’m keen to prioritise long KMs of low intensity cardio…whether it be on foot, on water or on the bike.  I believe the long hours of cardio help me more than any other method of losing weight while beginning to build a good base for the next season. I prefer running, it’s time efficient. For cycling to be as effective I have to spend more than twice the time on the bike then I would pounding the pavement.

Last weigh in (Friday 2th) I was 69.2kg…I’m hoping to be in the 68s at the end of this week.

Congratulations to the Australian Rowing team who took three silvers:

Men’s Double Scull: Sasha Belonogoff and James McRae

Women’s Lightweight Double Scull: Alice McNamara and Ella Flecker

Women’s Single Scull: Kim Crow

All races can be seen at

Until next time,


Favourite food this week: Fresh Dates

BN product I’d recommend for this time of the year: N03X (an excellent pre-workout)

Favourite training song this week: Dare You – Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma (Ministry of Sound)

Session to try this week: Erg: 5’ warm up, get up walk around then 5’ pulling and rating as high as you can, 5’ rest, the 9x 1’ on (sprint) 1’ off.

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