Are You More Concerned About Growing Your Glutes Or Your Instagram?

Are You More Concerned About Growing Your Glutes Or Your Instagram?

Posted by Bridget Freeman on Sep 10, 2018 in #Ambassador Blogs.

It suddenly hit me – I’d been working so hard on building my glutes, but why was I?

Images flashed through my mind, an unending stream of glorious Instagram fitspo pictures of flawless 20 year old goddesses with amazing skin and hair, tiny waists and voluptuous butts, posing in their teeny bikini bottoms in stunning locations. Interspersed with those were other images, of incredible figure athletes with amazing glutes winning competitions.

Envy? Admiration? Goals? Social media influence?

Bridget’s Instagram feed. Follow @bridgetfreemanfitness for more happy snaps.

Do you train to make yourself happy or others?

During my last few preps, glute and hamstring development have been a major focus for my coach and I. We made fantastic improvements in this regard, leading to my Pro Card and International Competition wins!

I was of course incredibly proud of achieving these goals! But now? I have been significantly influenced by the huge social media swing towards “booty gains” and not what I actually considered to be achievable or desirable for me. Please note I am in no way criticising anyone who has worked hard on their booty or indeed their body! Your body is yours to do whatever you want with, go you!

Having said this I’ve realised that when my butt gets bigger I just look chunky to myself – I don’t genetically have the tiny waist to offset it and my thighs are quite big in proportion to my calves. I find in my off season the added padding enhances my genetically pear shape.

I became involved in the fitness industry to become stronger, fitter, leaner and more athletic, as well as to prolong my active life and hopefully set an example of health to other females, especially mums. None of these goals were reliant upon having a big butt!

I’m a huge fan of the big compound exercises that are often programmed to help people build their glutes; like squats, dead lifts and hip thrusts, but I love them for their ability to empower and strengthen women all over, not just for the butt perkiness factor!

Let’s not add yet another factor into the continual bombardment of how people are supposed to look! Now we have to add thick, bubble butts to the thousands of other ways of judging others. Nope, not doing it.

Bridget after winning her INBA International Pro Card!

My current outlook

Let’s think for ourselves and walk the path that makes us happy as individuals. Let’s make gains in strength, empowerment, discipline, dedication, kindness, humility, being a fantastic human, helping others and self esteem.

You want a bigger butt? Go for it! You want a more streamlined athletic body? Go for it! Walk your own path!

Personally, I’ll be taking out some of the focus on low volume/high weight/straining for a one rep max training and adding in more of what will help me achieve my renewed outlook.

Have you re-assessed your goals lately? I’d love to hear what yours are!

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