Beef Protein Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jan 29, 2016 in #Product Reviews.

Hydrolysed Collagen and Beef Protein - what's the difference?

Great question! They're actually the same thing. One name is just fancier than the other. 

Also, for some, Beef Protein does tend to generate the thought of drinking a blended hamburger... which can put some people off an otherwise great alternative to whey protein.

For this post, we're going to use the terms interchangeably, as the industry does use 'Hydrolysed Collagen' as the preferred term, but Beef Protein is also known by many of our customers.

How does Hydrolysed Collagen compare to Whey?

In terms of purity and total amounts of amino acids, Beef Protein Isolate compares quite favourably to whey. Unlike whey, Beef Protein Isolate is completely free of fats and carbs and contains and no soy lecithin – as a result of this it contains no allergens.

Is Hydrolysed Collagen Isolate absorbed quickly?

As Beef Protein Isolate is hydrolysed, it is rapidly absorbed by the body so can’t be likened to eating a steak. Best used around training time or when you want a rapidly absorbed protein, Beef Protein Isolate is a great alternative to whey for those with allergens.

Why would I take Hydrolysed Collagen Isolate over other protein sources?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but a summary of it’s benefits are below:

  • Perhaps the largest benefit of Beef Protein Isolate is its protein content. In raw state it is 95% protein, which is higher than whey.  Our chocolate flavoured version has some (minimal) carbs due to the addition of cocoa, but is still more pure than an equivalently flavoured Whey Protein Isolate.
  • Those with dairy, egg or soy allergens may prefer Beef Protein Isolate as it is free from any allergens.
  • Another reason to consider taking Beef Protein Isolate is that more and more research has shown that a combination of proteins (for example casein and whey as well as soy and whey) can outperform individual proteins sources by themselves. This is particularly interesting considering the individual proteins such as pure whey should, in theory be superior.

What is added to your Hydrolysed Collagen Isolate?

Our Beef Protein Isolate is simple: 100% Beef Protein with minimal flavours and sweetener. Some supplement companies add fillers such as gum, maltodextrin and amino acids to try and ‘enhance’ their beef proteins.  At Bulk Nutrients we keep our products as pure as possible so unless we are selling a blended protein (which is not the case with Beef Protein Isolate), the product is effectively just the raw ingredient + flavouring and sweetener (which is added at between 1 and 4% – flavour depending).

How does Bulk Nutrients Beef Protein Isolate compare to the competition?

When comparing protein levels, Bulk Nutrients’ Beef Protein Isolate appears to be the market leader. Most other beef proteins from other companies we researched are around 80% total protein, while the most popular beef protein in the USA came in at just over 60%.

From a value for money perspective considering total protein per dollar, our Beef Protein Isolate at 90% + is more than twice as good value for money.

Are samples available of Beef Protein Isolate?

Absolutely.  Just fill in the sample request form on the Bulk Nutrients website and we’ll get one out to you asap.

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