Breaking Barriers - Strongman Training

Breaking Barriers - Strongman Training

Posted by Elias Arcondoulis on Oct 09, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

I have finished my squat and deadlift cycles. I achieved a new personal best in the squat, 237.5kg and then 242.5kg. I managed to do each lift twice too. The following week I missed 250kg BUT got it the week after! This was a massive milestone for me to achieve, being the quarter ton, and performed without a belt or knee wraps.

I recently deadlifted 286kg/3 x 3, which was a personal best for 2 and 3 reps, let alone 3 sets. The following week I hit 300kg again, to prove that it is an “any day of the week” weight, and I will now commence a fresh volume cycle, aiming for 320kg +.

I have recently included high volume bench pressing back into my regime, hitting 10×10 at 65kg one day and 70kg the other in week 1. I also did 10×8 on 85kg, then 10×8 on 90kg and 10×8 on 100kg the following weeks. I always ensure that I perform plenty of upper back work and light power snatches post-bench pressing, to ensure that my neutral spine position is maintained and I prevent postural issues later in life. I can’t stress enough the importance of upper back work after bench pressing.

I have also brought back Olympic cleans and push press behind head to assist with explosive power. I managed a 150kg clean (just missed 162kg) and a comfortable 145kg push press behind head. I aim to clean 165kg and push press 155kg by the end of the year.

My diet is similar to the last blog entry: plenty of carbohydrates (approx. 400g rice a day) and protein (approx. 1kg chicken, 300g steak) for gaining strength, as well as bananas, strawberries and plenty of salad and veg.  I have been consuming Muscle Food 101 post-training to assist with recovery. BCAA Recovery during training to help me keep going and overall energy levels during training, and NO3X to provide me with a boost as I enter the gym, which has benefited me significantly during the heavier end of the training cycles.

Train hard and smart!

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