Brian Emerson - Why I use Non-essential Amino Acids.

Brian Emerson - Why I use Non-essential Amino Acids.

Posted by Brian Emerson on Mar 28, 2016 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Okay, so we all know the benefits of taking BCAAs, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine… To help muscle repair, decrease the breakdown of other amino acids and assist in a better Nitrogen balance.

But, did you know that we also benefit from taking non-essential amino acids?

For those who don’t know, non-essential amino acids are those that the body can create and are different from essential amino acids that are obtained from food. ‘Non-essential’ does not mean that those amino acids are less important. Non-essential amino acids aid in creating optimal health.

Here are the ones I personally use, and what they actually do.


During exercise, muscle tissue breaks down and toxins are released. Alanine works to remove these toxins so the liver is able to metabolize them and eliminate them from the body. Alanine may also help to keep cholesterol levels in check.

Aspartic Acid 

Aspartic acid helps to elevate metabolic levels. Due to its effect on cellular energy, it is sometimes used to combat fatigue and depression. Aspartic acid also acts as a synthesiser for other amino acids.


Also aiding in the production of glutathione, glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream. Proper brain function and digestion require glutamine as does the immune system.


Glycine supplies beneficial glucose the body needs for energy. It is essential for proper cell growth and function, and is also crucial to digestive health. Glycine makes up a large portion of collagen which helps skin retain its elasticity and healing properties.


In order for the body to create new, healthy cells, it produces proline. This amino acid helps in the regeneration of skin and helps to reduce sagging and wrinkles.  Proline assists in the bodies production of collagen and helps keep muscles and joints pliable.


Like glutamine, Taurine is a free amino acid that travels through the bloodstream and is also a detoxifier and helps digestion. It has also been shown to improve brain function and athletic performance.

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