Bulk Nutrients - Australia Day

Bulk Nutrients - Australia Day

Posted by Ben Crowley on Jan 26, 2016 in #Feature Articles.

The Bulk Nutrients Team enjoying our 2015 Christmas Party!

As Australia Day approaches I have been asked by a staff member to write what Bulk Nutrients being “Australian made and owned” means to me.

Without a doubt a large part of us developing further as a company, is the satisfaction in employing more people and enriching their lives, as they in turn help us build a company which is stronger and more diverse.

I once read an article about work and the fact a large number of Australians go to work every day to a job they don’t enjoy, which was sad given the opportunities this country has.

Being the boss of a company it is fantastic to work with people who are so passionate about what they do, people who have the same goals of creating and maintaining a happy, vibrant workplace, where people look forward to going to work (on most days at least!) approaching their role with great enthusiasm. They in turn support those around them, showing a great spirit of teamwork.

As the General Manager I have the unique ability to help shape that, and I’m very proud it is something we have created and continue to build. One of our most recent employees said working at Bulk Nutrients is like being part of a big family, which I see as a huge compliment.

The whole team up on stage collecting the award at the Telstra Business of the Year Awards

Anyone would know that manufacturing in Australia is a challenging place to be. While the supplement market is strong, it is extremely competitive and there is no escaping the total cost of production in Australia is more than twice that of many developed countries such as the US, which is where most supplements are made.

At Bulk Nutrients we have many ways to counter that, while maintaining our position as a great value supplier. We focus on quality and consistency while striving to develop an ever increasing range of products driven by customer demand. A large focus on customer service has always been important to us, and Its very satisfying to see how much our customers value it.

Bulk Nutrients staff come from a hugely diverse background, much like the rest of Australia. We have staff who were born in Australia, Wales, NZ, Rwanda, Burundi, The Congo, Bhutan and Nepal. Our African staff particularly have a collective passion for the company and bring an infectiously positive attitude to work. A few of these come from horrendous situations which as largely “sheltered Australians” we find it difficult to identify with. Some have no parents; some were the victim of great violence, yet they have a huge smile on their faces every day.

Bulk Nutrients is particularly proud of its close work with a variety of sports groups, individuals and sporting federations. It has been a core value of ours from day 1, well before we made any money! If funds are to be spent on marketing (which is a must) it is far more satisfying to support projects, events and people which lead to participation, rather than buying pages in glossy magazines.

The Bulk Team at the Arnold Classic 2015

Finally, a huge thanks for all our customers and supporters who have made the company what it is. We are an Australian company, making products using (predominantly) Australian ingredients which has a huge knock on effect, and we employ new, and old Australians from many different backgrounds. Whether you are a new convert or a long time supporter of Bulk Nutrients, having your custom is something we will always appreciate and never take for granted.

Have a great Australia Day!

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