Bulk Nutrients Electrolyte +

Bulk Nutrients Electrolyte +

Posted by Kyle Williams on Oct 03, 2016

If you like to run, crossfit, or compete in any endurance event up to 2 hours long, choose Electrolyte + as your drink of choice.

Electrolyte + has been formulated with carbohydrates for energy fueling needs and key electrolytes (salts) for hydration. The carbohydrate used is a blend of maltodextrin and dextrose, allowing for consistent release of energy without a big sugar spike. The electrolytes have been carefully formulated to match what you lose through sweat during exercise and include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Best Way To Mix Electrolyte +

Electrolyte + is ideal when taken directly before or during sustained activities up to two hours duration.

From practical experience, it works best when mixed as follows:

  1. ½ scoop (30 grams) mixed in 500mls of water or
  2. 1 full scoop (60 grams) mixed in 1000mls of water

When mixed at this strength, Electrolyte + provides a smooth subtle taste that is quickly absorbed from the stomach for use by the working muscles.

Electrolyte + comes in Lime or Orange flavours and is $19 for a 1-kilogram bag. When mixed according these directions, that works out at ridiculous value of just $0.57 cents per serve, with at least 33 serves. You simply can’t beat Bulk Nutrients for value for money and quality ingredients!

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