Bulk Nutrients Factory Tour

Bulk Nutrients Factory Tour

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Apr 07, 2015 in #Feature Articles.

So how does an all in one manufacturing, packaging and online store actually work?

Firstly you find our store online, via PC, tablet or mobile device.  We have a custom built fully integrated shopping experience.

You can order as a guest or create an account.  If you create an account you can see all your order history and we keep all your data and information private and secure and we do not store credit card details.  Just as easily you can use the site as a guest.

Once you’ve placed an order, our fabulous customer service staff collate the orders and send them out to be packed, ready for dispatch.

We have 450m2 dedicated to dispatch with over 800 line items available!  As you can imagine our dispatch staff are all very fit, and our fastest worker can pack over 300 express orders in a day, as a team we often pick and pack over 600 orders in a day.

How do we get the goods on the shelf?  Let’s start at the purchasing side.

We have stringent supplier agreements with all our suppliers and we deal with companies from Australia, New Zealand, China, India and Malaysia.  We source products from all those countries and also Canada, the USA and Europe.  We commonly receive goods in 20ft and 40ft containers.

We have a one way processing system, which means stock enters the rear of the building and moves in one direction from raw goods storage, through production, out to dispatch and finally out the front of the building into the Australia Post trucks ready to be delivered to you.

Let’s make some products!

Our production room has been customised to allow us to operate up to four manufacturing lines at any one time.  Each line has is dedicated to a class of products so there’s no risk of cross contamination.  All our machinery and processes are monitored and audited by the Tasmanian Dairy Authority to ensure we adhere to the strict food safety guidelines set out in legislation.  All our production staff have food safety training and are very efficient, we can mix 3 tonnes of protein in a day!  The production room has restricted entry, which means it cannot be entered without hairnet, shoe covers and dust coats to ensure the integrity of the product is maintained and lessen the risk of external contamination.

In addition to products, we manufacture all our own samples, which we provide through our free sample request form, when requested in orders, in magazine runs and at events.  In 2014 we gave away 280 000 samples!

Once the products are made, they’re stored in containers that we move out into the dispatch area.  Pallet racking ensures products are rotated and easily accessible by the dispatch staff.

Twice a day Australia Post collects the orders and off they go to you.

Bulk Nutrients is truly your one stop supplement shop.  From raw goods all through the manufacturing process and out the door, we pride ourselves on the purity, quality and integrity of our products.  We back that up with excellent customer service and we’ve spent years refining our systems and processes to provide our products to you at competitive prices.  Thanks for being a Bulk Nutrients customer!

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