Bulk Nutrients Test Max - Benefits, Usage And Extended Product Information

Bulk Nutrients Test Max - Benefits, Usage And Extended Product Information

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Aug 27, 2015

The best test booster possible

Test Max has been formulated with one simple goal. Combine the strongest, most proven ingredients (those utilised in proper human studies) at actual verified doses, for an all in one masculinity product.

D-Aspartric Acid, Betaine (Trimethylglycine), L Carnitine Tartrate, Dodder Seed, Stinging Nettle Root, Fenugreek, Zinc and Vitamin E.

Reliable ingredients allow Test Max to improve strength

All ingredients have been proven to have a positive effect, which should translate to increased strength, recovery, energy and focus in the gym. Test Max is unlike any other product on the market, more proven ingredients, at higher doses, meaning greater results.

Rather than use questionable ingredients in minimal doses, we have heavily researched ingredients that work and utilised them in the same doses as used in human clinical trials.

Our formula is based around the most proven and known ingredients, while additional less proven ingredients used in animal studies are still utilised, we have all bases covered by utilising every ingredient with research data behind it.

The reasoning for increasing hormonal functional

As we age hormonal markers are reduced which slows recovery time and reduces the bodies ability to build muscle. Test Boosters such as these are not just for those with reduced values though, as many of the ingredients have been proven to increase performance and testosterone in trained athletes and younger people.

By taking this product you should expect to see greater strength, better recovery, more energy in the gym and a better ability to build muscle, of course that is not guaranteed, but by combining ingredients used in studies in actual verified doses, we expect it to be the best product possible.

What's in each 12 gram serve of Test Max?

  • 4.02 grams of D Aspartic Acid
  • 2.4 grams of L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • 3 grams of Trimethylglycine (Betaine)
  • 360 milligrams of Fenugreek
  • 480 milligrams of Dodder Seed
  • 480 milligrams of Nettle Root
  • 240 milligrams of Zinc Sulphate
  • 12 milligrams of Vitamin E

Breaking down Test Max's Ingredients

D Aspartic Acid is the base of any good test boosting product. Its inclusion is simple, no other product has shown to improve hormone function with such significant effects. In one trial using daily doses of 3.12g, 87% of participants experienced increased hormone levels, with an average increase of LH levels by 33% and testosterone by 42%.

The second ingredient is L Carnitine Tartrate which is utilised at 2.4 grams. In these doses it increased the expression of the androgen receptor (AR) in skeletal muscle.

The next ingredient by way of dose is Trimethylglycine (Betaine), it’s a recent addition to many supplements, however in most cases it is under-utilised. In these studies it was used at doses of 2.5g a day (2 x 1.25g serves) and 2.5g in one dose respectively. 3 grams is the amount included in Test Max. Researchers in the first study concluded that here that Betaine supplementation increased power, force and maintenance of these measures in selected performance measures, and that these were more apparent in the smaller upper-body muscle groups, while in the second study on sprint performance it improved average and peak power. In terms of a hormonal assistance it has been shown in one study to positively affect both anabolic and catabolic hormones in ways which support muscle growth.

Fenugreek the herb is also utilised at a 360mg dose. In the study below it demonstrated an ability to have a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and researchers concluded it may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.

In this animal study it also had a direct effect on testosterone levels and the sperm count of rats.

Dodder Seed (Semen Cuscutae) is utilised, although no human studies can be referenced this ingredient demonstrated to that the treatment may reverse kidney-yang deficiency symptoms by restoring the levels of testosterone and AR mRNA and protein expression in the kidney and testicle (of mice). The dose used in Test Max is 480mg.

A popular anti estrogen treatment Stinging Nettle Root extract is also included. It appears to work by a different mechanism to many products, which are said to effect hormone levels. The extract of stinging nettle in aqueous form according to this study effectively prevents the binding of shbg (sex hormone binding globulin) to its receptor. The benefits here are that more free testosterone could potentially be available, we incorporate this at 480mg per serve.

Zinc Sulphate is included in the dose of 240mg. In this study highly trained wrestlers were measured to have low zinc levels, which adversely affected their hormone levels. Once supplemented with Zinc (Zinc Sulphate 200mg per day) their hormone levels were restored.

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