Bulk's Holiday Gift Guide

Bulk's Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Hannah Rabe on Nov 29, 2019 in #Feature Articles.


Don’t settle with socks and jocks this Christmas. Give them something they’ll really want… The gift of gains!

Christmas can be a busy and stressful time. Particularly when you remember those 17356 people you have to buy for who already have everything!

Well… Everything material that is. Do they currently own the gains they’re striving for?

Here’s where we come in.

Don’t risk giving an unwanted gift

More than 60% of Australians use some form of supplements, with many gym goers currently taking a variety of different sports supplements. So you can guarantee that buying a gym lover in your life sports supplements will create a big smile.

Every year 71% of people receive an unwanted Christmas gift. That’s $630 million worth of unwanted gifts in Australia alone. This accumulates to a huge waste of money, time and fake gratitude.

Ditch the fake gratitude for real gratitude this year. Here’s how.

The Bulk Nutrients Christmas Gift Guide


Protein Sampler Pack

So you know your mate uses protein, but you don’t know which one. All good, give them a Protein Sampler Pack.

Our Protein Sampler Packs contain seven single serve sachets of our most popular proteins ranging from whey based to vegan and dairy free. These packs come with a mix of flavours so they’re a bit of fun on the taste buds.

They’re a great way for people to get to try out all of our products and flavours and decide on their favourite before buying a full 1kg bag.

Not just that, they’re only $13, so they’re the perfect stocking filler!

Stacks for every goal

There's no better whey to start off the new year than with a fresh stack of supps to help reach a goal. No matter if your loved one is planning on bulking up, cutting or trying to stick to a more plant based diet: there a Bulk Nutrients stack for everyone!

Check out these nine amazing stacks designed for individual goals…


  • Our DIY Bulking Stack contains the essentials for making progress and building size.

Muscle building

  • The Max Muscle Unlimited takes muscle growth to the next level with our best supps for gains and growth.
  • The Low Carb Muscle Stack is ideal for supporting lean gains for anyone on a low carb diet.
  • Our basic WPI Stack and WPC Stack contain the essentials for hitting the gym, building lean muscle and promoting recovery.

Weight loss

Plant based

Protein snacks and treats

Dessert Sampler Pack

Everyone loves dessert right? But sometimes those health conscious mates in your life don’t want to indulge in something too dirty.

Our Dessert Sampler Packs are the perfect solution to the sweet cravings, offering protein dense, low carb treats!

Our Dessert Sampler Pack has a range of different sweet treats in it from creamy Protein Mousse, to decadent Mug Cakes and quick and easy Protein Pancakes and Protein Balls.

Again these packs are only $18 so they make a great stocking filler for those who don’t do chocolates and lollies.

Recipe eBooks and Ingredients

Preparing protein packed treats is fun and a great way to keep your diet on track. Allowing yourself a sweet, nutritious snack of an arvo satisfies your sweet tooth and keeps you going throughout the day!

So why not give your loved one a fun DIY cooking stack?

Simply purchase one of our four amazing Recipe eBooks and then grab some of the key ingredients so they can whip up some high protein delights!

We’ve just refreshed our recipe eBooks and they look better than ever. Some of our favourite festive recipes include the amazing Protein Pumpkin Pie in the Cakes and Slices eBook and the Berry and Yoghurt Protein Pavs from the Desserts eBook.

A bag of protein and a Recipe eBook sounds like a great gift to us!

Bulk Nutrients Training Gear

If your friends or family workout a lot, chances are they could always use some more gym gear.

We have a range of affordable, quality gym attire which is stylish and functional.

How about a gym bag, gym pack, gym towel, shaker or some tees to keep them happy.

Bulk Nutrients Gift Certificate

Have absolutely no idea what they’d like, but know they use Bulk Nutrients? In comes our Bulk Nutrients Gift Certificates. These are perfect for the fussy one in your life and ensures they can purchase the gains they want.

Or did you just leave things a little too late…

It’s 10pm on Christmas Eve and you realise you forgot to buy a gift for your huge 19-year-old nephew who could easily military press you. No stress! Buying a Gift Certificate with us ensures you receive the paper version instantly.

Happy Shopping!

There it is folks, our Holiday Gift Guide to ensure you give gifts worth receiving this Christmas!

Make sure you allow enough time to receive your order before Christmas. You can see our full shipping times here.

From all of us at Bulk Nutrients, have a safe and happy Christmas


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