Congratulations Bridget!

Congratulations Bridget!

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Oct 09, 2015 in #Feature Articles.

Bulk Nutrients are very proud to support so many sporting teams, events, and athletes.

We have been a supporter and sponsor of Bridget Freeman for over 3 years now, and she never fails to inspire, and impress us with her awesome attitude and dedication to her training.

Last week, Bridget decided to surprise us all and went on a sneaky weekend to the ANB Victoria championships. She then went on to win both her division, and the overall Figure Champion title!










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Thank you to Steve Romic and Bridget for the awesome photos!

Bridget said “The most massive thank you to the best sponsors ever, Bulk Nutrients, without whose amazing pure supplements and support I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams. I’m so blessed to be able to access their incredible range, and they are the best products at the best prices! Delicious too!” – well, we appreciate the kind words, Bridget – and it really is our pleasure!

UPDATE 13/10/15

Following her spectacular efforts in Victoria, we are very happy to report that Bridget went on to win her division at the ANB Australia nationals over the weekend.

We once again couldn’t be more proud of her efforts. Here are some photos of her winning her division, and with her beautiful daughter, Jade.

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Keep up the awesome work, Bridget!

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