Cycling for 24 hours. Are we crazy?

Cycling for 24 hours. Are we crazy?

Posted by Nicole Frain on Jul 30, 2017 in #Feature Articles.

Imagine cycling, for 24 hours straight? Does that just sound plain crazy?

Probably… But that’s exactly what a team of ten Bulk Nutrients employees have decided to do in support of medical research.

Riding for 24 hours… But why?

On August the 12th and 13th, the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundations (RHHRF) are holding Cycle24. This is a 24 hour cycling event that involves 24 spaces, filled with 24 riders, cycling at all times throughout the 24 hour period (with the exception of change overs and all important toilet breaks).

The purpose of the event is to raise funds for medical research by keeping the pedals spinning. The event can be structured with individuals or teams. We have made ours up of ten of our employees.

Our team consists of managers, production, manufacturing, marketing and dispatch staff, some who are general gym goers and others who just love to ride! The event isn’t a race, although you can certainly set a challenge, but it’s more about maintaining the motion for the course of the event.

A team of ten Bulk employees will ride for 24 hours.

We will have a rolling roster, with some of us doing split shifts of 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there, while other (more crazy) members will simply smash the entire 2 hour 40 minute ride in one hit.

Each participating staff member is aiming to raise their own funds to go towards a team fundraising effort with 100% being donated to the RHHRF.

How can you support the RHHRF?

The RHHRF work to raise funds for local health and medical research across Tasmania. Since 1997, the Foundation has invested almost $7 million in funding for research into disease and disorders that impact the health and well-being of Tasmanian’s. As RHHRF is an independent entity, it relies upon the generosity of individual members of the community and businesses to raise funds for its research.

Cycle24 is just one way which the Foundation works towards raising these funds.

Throughout the grueling 24 hour event, there will be laughter, sweat, yawns and plenty of coffee to get the team of ten through the 24 hour period. But, luckily with plenty of our Bulk Nutrients Electrolytes and some local Mexican Food Truck snacks (because with all of those calories we are burning we can have seconds right?) we will get through the 24 hours as a team and raise much needed funds for a great cause.

Have you completed any similar fund raising events before? We would love to hear about them!

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