Elite 2 Grading Accomplished!

Posted by Elias Arcondoulis on Sep 04, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Hello All,

I achieved what I wanted at the Strength Quest in August. I got an Elite 2 grading, the highest possible. This performance has given me the best chance to qualify for the Arnold Strongman Classic in March next year.

I carried the 375kg Yoke over 15m, clean and push pressed a 130kg log, a 310kg raw deadlift and 150kg per hand farmers walk over approx. 20m. The link for a video containing my performance is below:

My training is now based on being in peak condition for the Arnold Strongman Classic. Currently, I am focussing on maximising my deadlift and squats. I have recently squatted 200kg/5 x 5 and 225kg/3 x 2, aiming for a 260kg+ squat in a month or so. I also deadlifted 272.5kg (600lbs) for 5 reps, which was a big milestone set for me.

My diet now involves a lot more carbohydrates, to assist me in gaining strength.  I have been consuming Muscle Food 101 post-training to assist with recovery. I also have been consuming Test Max in the mornings to assist with my strength and overall energy levels.  As usual, I have been taking NO3X to provide me with a boost as I enter the gym and sip on BCAA Recovery during training.

Train hard and smart!

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