Events of The Bulk Games

Events of The Bulk Games

Posted by Hannah Rabe on Oct 30, 2016

November is almost upon us and our Bulk Games teams have been working hard throughout October to ensure they are in peak shape for the vigorous challenges of the games.

Bulk Nutrients staff members can be seen running outside the factory at all hours on a daily basis.

It is also common to hear staff members pumping weights in the gym, long after they should’ve gone home.

As you can gauge so far, our teams mean business and it’s anyone’s game at this point.

So, you may be wondering what activities exactly the team members are training for?

As mentioned in our last post, there are five events happening in The Bulk Games this year.

Each event is specifically tailored to be as inclusive as possible, to allow all staff members to safely and confidently compete, while still remaining a challenge.

Let the events begin!

Event One: The front raise dumbbell hold

How long can you hold up a dumbbell for?

In this challenge, five team members must take it in turns to hold a 2.5kg, 5kg or 7.5kg dumbbell in the air at eye height with a straight arm. Each team must work it out fairly, so that 2 x 2.5kg, 2 x 5kg and 1 x 7.5kg dumbbells are used. Once the first team member can no longer stand the weight of the dumbbell and drops their arm, the second member starts until every team member has competed. The team who can hold the dumbbell in the air for the longest collectively wins.

Event Two: The pull up, push up medley

How many pull ups or push ups can you do?

In this challenge five team members will try their hand at completing as many push ups or pull up as they can. We’ve made this challenge so that men must do pull ups and ladies must do full 90-degree push ups, unless they decide to do pull ups instead. This challenge will be performed like a relay so one person will start and do as many reps as they can. Once they stop the next team member will start and so on. The team who collectively completes the most reps will win.

Event Three: The 3-kilometre row

How far can you row?

In this challenge five team members will complete a 600-metre row each to form an accumulative 3-kilometre row. Again, this challenge is a relay, so the clock won’t stop when each team member changes over. That is the main challenge in this event. Mastering a smooth changeover between team members could win or lose a team this challenge. The team with the fastest 3-kilometre time wins.

Event Four: The bridge to factory relay

How fast can you run?

In this challenge five team members will complete a 5-kilometre run. Each team member will do 1.2-kilometres in total. Four team members will run and one team member must be nominated to walk to allow everyone a fair go. The run will start from the bridge and each team member must be in position for the changeover. The team whose final member crosses the finish line at the factory first wins.

Event Five: The van pull

Could you pull a two tonne van 20 metres?

The final challenge of The Bulk Games is possibly the hardest and most prestigious. In this challenge five team members must pull the two tonne Bulk Nutrients van twenty metres, while the last team member steers the vehicle. If any team member falls over, everyone must stop. The team that pulls the van over the line in the fastest time wins.

Bonus points will be awarded throughout November for teams who seem to be working particularly well together. These points could be awarded to a team tyrant who forces their team to train or to a friendly team member high five in the hallway. Everything will be noticed and awarded accordingly.

Let The Bulk Games begin!

Have you got a team organised to compete in your own mini Bulk Games? Tag us in your Instagram pictures #TheBulkGames!

Stay tuned for more updates on The Bulk Games.

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