Fitmas - Christmas Gifts for the Fit

Fitmas - Christmas Gifts for the Fit

Posted by Bridget Freeman on Dec 12, 2016 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Where has the year gone? Christmas is fast approaching and that means it’s time to get shopping.

Because Happy Wife = Happy Life I’ve put together a few ideas that might help you out with gifts for the fitness-loving woman in your life!

You can either mix and match or look at the same items in various price ranges.

My top three tips for buying gifts

  1. Listen throughout the year, especially in the couple of months leading up to Christmas and take note of anything your partner drops hints about. Many women will let you know if they see something they really like when they first see it advertised. So that’s your chance to write it down and chase it up later. That way you know you are giving her something she will love. Leave plenty of time for delivery if you are ordering from outside of the state or country.
  1. Ask them for a few ideas about what they would like or have them write out a ‘Wish List.’ This way there is still the element of surprise, but you know they will love whatever you choose.
  2. If you are buying fitness gear, make sure to emphasise that you love your partner as they are. Ensure they know you’re not buying them gym gear because you think they need to lose weight or tone up, but because you know they love being active. This will save them time on shopping later on, so they will have more time to spend with their family and friends this holiday season.

Bargains and cheap presents are still thoughtful

  1. New fitness clothing. You may be surprised to find this in the bargain section, but with a bit of savvy shopping you can easily do it.  Most of my training clothing I bought on sale at Cotton On, Supre, Kmart, Target or cheap international websites for under $15. Things like socks and headbands are always welcome either on their own or as little extras to the main present.  Make sure you check sizes and measurements before purchasing.
  1. Vouchers and gift cards. It’s so much fun to go shopping after Christmas with ‘free’ money in your pocket! Just choose her favourite store and she will be very happy indeed.  Or create your own vouchers. Your imagination can go wild then! Think about vouchers for time to herself involving a little at home spa where you run the bath, light the candles, put on some music, buy her a new thick fluffy towel and do the child minding. Or vouchers for gym time or walk time. Even vouchers for being a training partner, giving massages, car washing, hair brushing, making meals or doing all of the housework for a day. Or else a voucher for a day trip away where you do all of the organising – the options are endless!
  1. Candles, bath indulgence packs, hair, nail, foot and face care packs.
  1. Beautiful books on a subject she loves, a journal or a training diary. There are some really beautiful journals out there and you can also get them personalized. There is one that asks you a question every day and you do it for five years, which would be cool to look back on. Recipe books are also a good gift idea.
  1. Monthly subscription to a music streaming site, such as Spotify, or an audio book site. Put together a gym playlist for her – she will love the time and thought you have put in to it.
  1. Headphones.
  1. A supplement pack or store credit. See
  1. Weight belt, lifting straps, hand grips, grip strengtheners, workout bands, fit ball, gloves, drink bottles – any fitness-related gear really.
  1. A favourite photo put in a lovely frame.
  1. Personalised photo or quote from her favourite fitness idol.

The mid-range gift

  1. New fitness clothing. You can find gorgeous fitness clothes in any price range.  Don’t forget shoes are also an option. Just make sure you check her size first.
  1. Vouchers and gift cards. The same applies as in the bargain section, but you can spend a little more.
  1. Gym, boot camp, functional training memberships or online training programs.
  1. Pamper packs including movie tickets and one-of spa or beauty treatments.
  1. Beautiful books on a subject she loves, or journal or training diaries. If you can spend a bit more, look at hardcovers and be sure to personalise them with a little message inside.  I’ve noticed Myer do personalised messages in their Kikki K range. There are also plenty of other options – see Etsy, Ebay or just do a general online search.
  1. Fitness technology. Personally I love my Fitbit HR and there are lots of different options in a variety of price ranges. Maybe even body fat testers, scales or wearable music devices.
  1. Headphones – Bluetooth ones are especially awesome.
  1. Cooking aids such as a rice cooker, slow cooker or blenders. Any time or effort you can save her in the kitchen will be welcome.
  1. Organise a cleaner, baby sitter, gardener for as many visits as you can budget for.

More of an investment than a gift

  1. Organise a photo shoot. Consider glamour photography, gym shoots or shoots with the family and pets. You will have forgotten how much this cost soon enough and the photos will still be some of her most treasured possessions.
  1. Food processor or Thermomix. My family spent about $600 on a food processor and the time, money and effort this has saved us has made it one of our best ever investments. I don’t personally have a Thermomix, but they’re very popular.
  1. A subscription to a healthy food or meal delivery service. This will save her a lot of time in the kitchen and allow her to spend more time doing the things she loves.
  1. Gym membership, boot camps, personal training sessions, functional fitness memberships or online coaching. With monthly payment schemes this could be the gift that keeps on giving all year.
  1. Fitness devices. There is a huge range of motivating devices at a range of different prices.
  1. Vouchers for massages, beauty treatments or day spas.
  1. A whizz bang coffee machine. This will also save her a lot of money on her daily coffee purchase.
  1. Cleaner, baby sitter or gardener. One of the greatest gifts you can give your partner is free time.
  1. Home exercise equipment . A bike, rower, cross trainer, stair climber, treadmill, click-change weights or something for outdoor activities, such as a mountain bike.

These are just a few ideas!  The most important thing is to make sure your partner feels loved, cherished, supported and appreciated, not just at Christmas time, but all year round.

Good luck with the shopping!

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