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Posted by Hannah Rabe on Nov 30, 2016 in #Feature Articles.

At Bulk Nutrients we often get asked ‘which is the best protein?’

Sadly, there is no perfect answer to this question. We could tell you which of our protein powders has the highest amount of protein per serve or which flavour we think tastes the best, but we can’t tell you which protein will be perfect for you. It’s a matter of trial and error in finding the right protein to suit your subjective taste buds and your dietary requirements.

Fortunately, however, Bulk Nutrients has created a couple of handy functions to help you throughout this journey.

Firstly, for those either wanting the highest quantity of protein per serve or the best value protein per serve you can turn to this previous blog article which outlines the nutritional information and cost per serve of our entire protein range.

We also have a protein comparison tool, which allows you to compare our Bulk Nutrients range against other supplement brands to again compare the cost and nutritional information per serve.

Secondly, for those who are quite selective when it comes to taste, we offer free samples, so you can try before you commit to buying a full kilogram.

While we can’t help you decide which protein powder is best for you from the get go, we can offer you an array of opinions on our protein range from our Bulk Nutrients ambassadors.

We have gathered preferences from each of our ambassadors to give you an insight in to why certain people use certain proteins and to help you identify with some of these reasons. With any hope this may help you to decide which protein is best for you.

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Nicole Frain 

Creator of Clean Treats and The Nutty Whey, Nicole is a healthy cooking enthusiast who has also recently competed in bodybuilding competitions. 

For me, when it comes to protein choices, I have two I always go for. I take one for its purity, muscle growth and recovery benefits and the other because I just love it, as well as of course, for its benefits.

I use Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) post training based on its purity, high protein levels and low fats and carbohydrate profile. It also helps with immediate muscle recovery and reduces soreness due to its naturally high amino levels. I actually use this in one of two ways. I love the Natural/Raw WPI if I’m adding it to a smoothie as I find I don’t need the flavoring or sweetness when I get this from fruit anyway. Or I love the Salted Caramel WPI on its own. When it comes to consuming protein after a hard training session, I want the best.

My other go to protein is Micellar Casein. I enjoy this at night as a ‘treat’ substitute rather than chocolate. It keeps me full due to its slow release properties and also helps to boost my protein intake for the day and promotes muscle repair while I sleep. I love to mix a scoop with a tub of Chobani Greek Yogurt and Sweetvia as a dessert option.

Sam Grachan 

WBFF Pro and Bulk Nutrients sponsored athlete, Sam has recently signed on to compete as a part of the Bulk Nutrients team in the Active Tri Series in Melbourne.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – Hard to go past the WPC for it’s price and quality.  I use this in my diet mainly post workout or when I’m lacking protein through my daily food intake so I add it in for an extra boost.  My favourite WHEY to use this would be Salted Caramel WPC poured over 100g of Cheerios pre workout.

Earth Protein – I’ll be honest I enjoy lactose but I can overdo it, particularly on ice cream. Therefore, Earth Protein is a great alternative to give my body a break from the digestion issues.  The taste may take some adjusting to if you’re already using a whey based protein, but the ‘feel good’ benefits are worth it.

Luke Casey

Bulk Nutrients sponsored athlete and experienced rugby sevens player, Luke also dapples in male modelling.

Personally, I use the Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and generally go for the salted caramel or coffee flavor as they are sweet without being too sweet.

I use WPI as I find it very easy to hit my carbohydrate and fat targets for the day, especially when in rugby season, however, I sometimes struggle to reach my protein targets. Therfore I carry around one serve in a mini Bulk Nutrients shaker to make sure that if I’m ever getting a little peckish I have something to tie me over until my next main meal, while still keeping my carbohydrates and fats down.


Dave Napper

Power lifter and strongman, Dave also runs his own gym, Brisbane North Barbell

I’m pretty simple. I like Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) in chocolate. I have this in my breakfast smoothie, with lunch for extra calories and then again after training. I prefer the taste of WPI to WPC and find it mixes more easily.

I also use Micellar Casein in chocolate. I have this every night before bed with full cream milk. It tastes great and helps to prevent me from waking up hungry.


Kyle Williams

Ultra runner, mountain climber and record setting Australian adventurer, Kyle is also an author for Breaking Muscle and regularly writes for the Bulk Blog.

I have been using the Natural Whey Protein Isolate for over 18 months now. I like it because it has a pleasant, smooth taste, mixes easily and uses high quality ingredients without incorporating artificial flavours and sweeteners.

If you care about your overall health, then one of your nutritional staples should be to limit your sugar intake. This has been somewhat problematic because the sad reality is protein powder, when mixed with water, generally doesn’t taste that great! If you find one that does taste good, check the ingredients as it’s likely to be filled with sucrose, dextrose or other tricky sugars in a bid to improve flavour. With Bulk Nutrients Natural Range, they get around this problem by relying on stevia as a sweeter. Stevia is a natural herb from South America that is used as a sweetener, with the added benefit that it has zero calories, negligible effect on blood sugar and none of the nasty side effects of the artificial sweeteners used in some of the leading nutritional supplements.

I also include Muscle Food 101 in my diet. While it is primarily meant for those seeking to bulk up, I have discovered it is in fact the ‘MacGyver’ of Bulk Nutrients protein products.

Featuring a mix of complex carbohydrates, fast absorbing protein and healthy dose of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), it’s formulated 2-1 carbs to protein ratio makes it an ideal intra (during) workout supplement, post-workout recovery supplement, and a meal replacement product for endurance athletes. Better still, it actually tastes pretty damn good.

In my world of adventuring and multi-day endurance challenges, I have also found another very effective alternate use for Muscle Food 101: A lightweight ration pack staple.


Kimberley George

Online health and fitness coach, Kimberley also runs her own business Kimberley George Health and Wellness. 

In regards to protein I always use our Protein Matrix +. It is gluten free, low in fat, low in carbohydrates, high in BCAAs and also contains a special lactose enzyme, which minimises issues for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. As I am lactose sensitive it is the perfect protein supplement for myself. I experience no discomfort or bloating and the combination of casein is a perfect slow release option to keep me feeling fuller for longer.

Bridget Freeman 

National and international figure champion, Bridget also offers health and fitness coaching.

Directly after an intense weight training session I prefer to use the Hyper Hydrolyse because of its fast digestion and bio availability, right when my muscles need protein most to repair and grow.  At this time I also consume a fast acting carbohydrate, which works like a broom to sweep the protein into my muscles more effectively and also replenish glycogen levels.

At all other times, particularly before bed, I use Micellar Casein due to its slow absorption rate and lessened insulin spiking, to keep a steady protein supply going in and also to help with hunger. I especially love mixing my casein with natural yogurt, cottage cheese and nut butter (or fruit, depending on the time of day).

Whey Protein Concentrate and Protein Matrix + I find are suitable at any time of the day.

During dieting I swap to Thermowhey for its extra fat burning effects, but still use Micellar Casein before bed.


Brian Emerson

National bodybuilding champion and personal trainer, Brian also works in event management.

In the world of bodybuilding, I’m always looking out for the best protein sources I can get.

From the Bulk Nutrients range 90 per cent of the time I choose Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). I only use protein shakes post workout because the body needs a protein injection as soon as you finish a heavy workout in order to capitalise on muscle price and repair. WPI is very high in protein and out of the range is the best value for money to suit my needs.

Often I also use the Hyper Hydrolyse as it is even more rapidly absorbed by the body.

Lindsay Perry

Boutique gym owner and bodybuilder, Lindsay also enjoys using Bulk products to create healthy snacks.

I use mainly two types of protein; either Hyper Hydrolyse or Protein Matrix +.

I use Hyper Hydrolyse pre and post workout. My favourite flavour is chocolate.

I use Protein Matrix + for many reasons. Mainly for making protein balls and desserts, but also for creating liquid meals and iced lattes!

I also ensure I always have a stock of their travel packs to take during holidays or while travelling so I can keep my protein intake adequate.


Andrew Lutomski

Australian actor and online health and fitness coach, Andrew is also known for his strong resemblance to Thor!

I currently use Earth Protein as my go to protein to increase my intake during the day and provide a variety of aminos, different to those from the general protein sources (beef, chicken, fish, eggs).

Where I can, I am very pro natural in the products I use these days, and as Earth Protein is naturally flavoured and sweetened I find it one of the best choices.

Generally I use the vanilla variety as it mixes well with my oats and cinnamon for breakfast.

The chocolate one I will have during the day with some fruit or some nuts as a meal.

I am not vegan, but obviously this is another major benefit in how people can take Earth Protein.

Megan Hutchinson

Bodybuilder and strong-woman, Megan is also a Bulk sponsored athlete.

I’m a busy working mum and I train hard at the gym. I know after my regular meals I’m still not getting enough protein and find I need a bit extra to assist with recovery.

My favourite protein is the Whey Protein Isolate as it is the most pure, with the most protein per 30g serve (26g). I love the texture and mix-ability. My absolute favourite flavour is the choc/honeycomb, it’s also my childrens’ favourite and if they know I’ve got choc/honeycomb, they’ll all hover around me waiting to have a sip. Unfortunately for them, I don’t like to share!

Maria Bond

ICN Fitness competitor and founder of Run Buddy App, Maria is Bulk Nutrients’ newest ambassador.

Salted caramel ThermoWhey is my absolute go to protein powder. It’s so creamy and delicious even when it’s mixed with just water, which keeps the calories down with no compromise to the taste or consistency.


The best thing, however, is that it’s got nine different fat burning, thermogenic ingredients and less than 1g of carbs and fats per serve.


It’s also a protein blend which keeps me feeling fuller for longer and prevents me from unnecessarily snacking. It helps me shed fat during my comp prep and fuels my lean gains in the off season – the perfect product for me!

We hope this has helped you to shed some light on the different protein powders that Bulk Nutrients has to offer. If you need any more help in deciding which protein is right for you, contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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