How to get back on track after taking some time off

How to get back on track after taking some time off

Posted by Lindsay Perry on Aug 28, 2015 in #Ambassador Blogs.

“To the left, to the left…. Everything you own in a box to the left”

Do you ever feel yourself drowned with emotional negative thoughts returning back to your lifestyle or fitness schedule after you’ve had a break? It could be a holiday, an emotional period of stress like a death in the family, or even as consistent as the damned school holidays.

Why does it always take a week or even longer to get back into the swing of things when we catch ourselves on holidays saying “gee I miss my lifestyle and everyday routine”. When the holiday is all over, we regret having those emotions that we didn’t “live in the moment” and experience all that we would have liked to. Especially when we know full well the break is over, normality is back, and we drag our feet to find that ever so productive and positive routine again.

There’s no denying we have all probably experienced this in some way. The question is – how do we comply smoothly back to what productivity and routine we once had in the quickest and most effective way knowing its easier said than done?

Here a few steps that may help you get back on track…

  1. Take a few days at home to just ‘be’. Give yourself permission to just ‘be’ in your own home environment – Get your ‘shop n chop’ done. This will spark not only your productivity – it will set you up for good proximity of fresh foods for your body and mind! Spend time with your kids and schedule in a walk or to get outside.
  1. Re assess your goals. What you were working on so well before hand? You just may need a little push in the right direction to get you going once again. Seeing your trainer can be a good place to start, and/or creating appointments for yourself to begin the next phase of your fitness. I like really like doing a SWOT analysis on myself personally & professionally – but I do like to set new refreshed goals targeting all areas that are personal, professional and that involve the members of my family.
  1. Create a daily “to do list” there may be a few things you have to tick off like, new lights for the kitchen, or completing and enrollment for your childs school. If it’s written down you will be less likely to feel “scattered” and simply feel more empowered and organised to get them done. One thing at a time.
  1. Meal plan – This is an important one. Now think about it, you’ve just been away for 1-2 weeks and potentially eating ‘off plan’ (although still healthy with a few treats here and there on your break). But hey – that’s why it’s a break! So use this opportunity to plan a few different meals that you particularly like or were inspired by whilst you were away. Maybe it was a different blend of salad? Or a take away/fast food meal that you loved and you could ‘clean it up’ to make it compliant your diet goals. Meal plans need to be exciting and flexible, and contain lots of colour and variety. What better way to come back with a new fresh outlook and experiences with new foods? You’ve done your shop and chop, your a few days home – now be inspired to go where your nutrition goals can take you!
  1. Plan out your weekly structure including exercise and any other curriculum you need to adhere to to achieve your goals. Stretching, yoga, meditation, swimming, a massage after your first week back as a reward (or something else to look forward to). Think of the benefits of being home, but appreciate having moments where you let that slice of your holiday back in. It’s okay to day dream and recall on good times, right?
  1. Crank your music after a good workout, thank yourself for doing it, slide on your sunnies, put your sunroof down and let the sun warmth shine on your skin. Take a deep breath and drive off knowing your back on track with an even deeper mental clarity that you are chasing your goals and quest for personal achievement!
  1. Always, always smile and greet people with a friendly hello” or good morning. Positivity breeds positivity. It will always make you feel good!

Best health,


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