I love pumping iron

I love pumping iron

Posted by Al Reidie on Aug 12, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

I love pumping iron, the thrill of being in the gym is something euphoric to me. Being able to pick up something heavy and then put it down, only to then pick it up again is quite the accomplishment, I can see why so many of you are frequently updating your various social media accounts with your amazing feats, in an unrelated matter I can also see why all the major book stores seem to be closing.

Onto the story

The time my coach became Heavyweight Champion

Just reflecting on the night my coach, one Carlo Cannon became MCW Heavyweight Champion. That whole week the rookie/intermediate/pro class of the school was buzzing with excitement. Ballroom Brawl was happening, it’s MCW’s biggest event of the year and all of us were going to be involved. Setting up the ring, ushering, wrestling, all the way to being the star of the show, our little school had our fingers in every pie. Some of that pie was a sweet apple, straight out of the oven and some of the other pie we’d found half eaten on the street, it didn’t smell great and we didn’t know what kind of meat it was but in saying that everyone else was having pie.
Cannon puts in a lot of work towards the school, this generally means his own wrestling career takes a seat. This is good for me as I like a lot of attention, but I can see why it’s bad for him because he is a wrestler and wants to have a career of his own in the ring, then again if I’m successful doesn’t he get to do it vicariously through me? Probably not, he’s his own person. I’ve helped people do stuff and “thank you” doesn’t really cut the mustard, it certainly doesn’t 

turn itself into some kind of achievement you can brag about on your twitter. Let’s see how many likes “Just helped someone out with some wrestling” gets on his facebook status, as opposed to “Here’s a picture of me
winning a belt with some fireworks going off in the background” now obviously people respond to photos more than text anyway so the latter is going to dominate. It was good to see Coach C getting some ME time though and I thought the students were very supportive of him, except for Emanuelle of course, he was overly focused on himself and his match. I actually was the bigger man and went up to Emanuelle the night of the show to offer him my words of “good luck”, he looked at me and pulled out a legitimate four leaf clover then proceeded to eat it in front of me. When I asked him what he was doing he said “I don’t need your luck, I’ve got all the luck I’m going to need” I just shrugged and said “Yeah until tomorrow morning” *crowd laughs*

The school has a really nice ring that we set up for the MCW Ballroom Brawl, we also used it at the Melbourne Comedy Festival when some of the boys did a live wrestling comedy event which people thought was hilarious. A bunch of comedians giving low blows to wrestlers wasn’t my kind of comedy though, the real comedy comes when you’re setting up the ring and giving sexual advice to the 18-21 year old peers that you are sharing the task with. It’s even more comedic when your wife is there listening to what you think women enjoy and laughing in your face. So even though this seems like a mundane task it still makes for some good humor and bonding between the crew, Cannons dad is in the Shotgun seat when it comes to setting up the ring and he’s easily one of my favorite people I’ve met in the biz so far, we share a love of muscular women and the show Hannibal, needless to say we’re pretty much best friends.

Cannon had won a Royal Rumble last year to earn this prestigious title shot against the then Champion Mike Peterson. Peterson is a man of physical proportions which are highly suited to wrestling, a man of few words but makes up for it with an arsenal of power moves to get him over the line against his opponents. I respect this, not as a man of physical proportions or a man with a plethora of powerful moves but because he keeps quiet and gets it done. I always have the issue of distracting everyone around me until it’s done, in turn hindering their own efforts, a vortex of confusion suffocates the challenge I face until the task at hand gets done or asks me to leave.

This match totally changed my views on where Australian Wrestling could be going. There was a tonne of emotion involved, a fantastic crowd and a story behind it that drew the entire venue in. The guy next to me either had Parkinson’s disease or was shaking from excitement as the chair row we were sitting in was vibrating as if a jackhammer had disguised itself, sat three seats down from us, polished off about 8 fried dimsims then secretly turned itself on. Blow for blow, body slam for body slam, out of the ring dives of desperation every moment has us on the edge of our seats and slightly vibrating from the aforementioned patron across from us.

We all knew there could be only one winner, but both of these men were winners on this particular night, even more specifically Carlo was the winner. To see a brief look of joy on our coach’s face that didn’t involve inflicting pain on us or questioning our manhood was really pleasant. It also let me know that wrestling in Australia could become a massive form of main stream entertainment in the coming years.

After helping pack down the ring with Coach’s Dad and talking about all the muscular women we liked, Carlo came out to celebrate with us, now when I use the term celebrate I mean he asked me if I had a good night and then went over to his car and drove off…. but I felt like I was in the car driving off with him, I felt like I had the title around my waist and I felt like I could put the window down to whatever height I wanted and it wouldn’t have mattered, because the electrics in the car didn’t work and the window was stuck. That didn’t matter though, nothing mattered. My coach was the Heavyweight Champion and for once I got to live vicariously through him.

Photo credit: corylockwood.com

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