Introducing Bulk Labs!

Introducing Bulk Labs!

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Nov 26, 2018 in #Feature Articles.

There’s something new on the Bulk Nutrients website… have you found it yet?

At Bulk Nutrients, we love experimenting with flavours.

So much so that we’ve created a brand new place to house our wackiest flavour combos created in the lab, introducing Bulk Labs!

Bulk Labs is where you’ll find special release products. They’ll live here for a short while until they’re sold out completely! Here’s the 101 on Bulk Labs…

Limited Edition Products at Bulk Nutrients

The flavours are cool, quirky and totally limited edition.

Bulk Labs products are special release batches of your favourite products. From protein powders and pre workouts to high protein treats, who knows what will come next for this category!

Bulk Labs is a series of new, limited edition flavours

Quirky and cool flavours

We test out all sorts of crazy flavours in our best selling supplements, and sometimes these experiments really wow us.

When these wow moments come along we want you all to be able to give them a try, so we created Bulk Labs.

Excited? No need to wait because our first two Bulk Labs products are live now! Here’s all you need to know about them…

Fruit Crush Pre Workout 101

First up is a fresh and fruity pre workout cocktail. This limited edition flavour of our popular pre workout formula has serious summer vibes with its combination of sweet summer fruits.

It’s the ideal pick-me-up for sweaty summer gym sessions and will certainly help you crush every workout!

Pre Workout 101 is a specialised formula that boosts energy, improves focus and supports stamina in the gym. You can grab your Limited Edition Fruit Crush Pre Workout 101 here.

Wild Berry BCAA Recovery

The second addition to Bulk Labs is bursting with sweet berry taste, say hello to Wild Berry BCAA Recovery. This beautiful berry bonanza will keep you hydrated and refreshed with every sweaty summer session.

BCAA Recovery is the ideal intra workout drink as it kickstarts the muscle recovery process, boosts hydration and may aid in muscular endurance too!

Not to mention it’s the perfect thirst quenching beverage on a hot and humid summer’s day. No matter if you’re on an outdoor adventure or simply hitting the gym, Wild Berry BCAA Recovery will hit the spot.

Limited edition Wild Berry and Fruit Crush flavours are available now

Only available while stocks last

Quench your thirst with the taste of summer, grab your Bulk Labs products today before they’re gone forever!

Don’t wait until your next order… These fresh Bulk labs products will only be sticking ’round while stocks last.

And keep your eye out for any future Bulk Labs release. Who knows what’s to come next!

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