Its not all about heavy weights

Its not all about heavy weights

Posted by Elias Arcondoulis on Nov 26, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

It’s been a while between blog entries. I’ve been busy setting up my online coaching and strength & conditioning business.


My training of late has included sprinting and jumping. I have been performing 30m and 60m sprints from the blocks, stair bounding, and standing long jumps. I have been working on my static vertical jump. It is approximately 70cm, at a bodyweight of 102kg. I would like to push toward the 80cm over the next year. I will explain why I am doing this form of training in a later blog entry … Stay tuned.

My gym routine has eliminated deadlifts for now, and reintroduced the Olympic lifts; snatch and clean & jerk. I recently obtained a personal best front squat of 212.5kg as well.

My supplementation is similar to previous entries. I use NO3X before some training sessions to make me feel alive and alert. I always consume BCAA recovery (Apple and Rasberry) during training and WPI Coffee flavour post-training.

My diet consists of approx. 500g rump steak and 500g chicken breast, 500g rice and several handfuls of vegetables and fruits.

I promise to share my blog entries more often in the future, with lifting pictures and videos! Train hard and smart!


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