Kyle Williams - Intermittent Fasting

Kyle Williams - Intermittent Fasting

Posted by Kyle Williams on Aug 15, 2016

If you’re interested in long-term leanness, fat loss, and health improvement, then Intermittent Fasting (IF) is one of the most effective dieting methods to follow.

IF, also known as Time-Restricted-Feeding (TRF), is not a ‘diet’ per se, but a pattern of eating where you eat only between certain hours of the day and then don’t eat (fast) for the rest of time. During your eating window, you eat the regular amount of calories you normally would eat on a daily basis. The primary benefit of restricting your eating to to a smaller timeframe comes from the fasting time that follows. More and more scientific research is demonstrating that when your body enters a fasting state (12 hours or more without eating), it results in some amazing benefits to body composition and health. In particular, research has shown IF will lead to:

1. An increased ability to build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat through improved glucose and insulin resistance
2. Greater levels of leanness and improved body composition through reduced whole body fat accumulation and inflammation
3. Improved optimal metabolic function reducing markers associated with chronic metabolic diseases such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes
4. Restores optimal healthy cholesterol levels
5. Increased overall lifespan

There are 3 main types of IF practice

1. The Daily Fast (The 16/8 Method): Popularised by Martin Berkhan of Leangains, the 16/8 Method gives you an 8-hour window of eating, followed by a 16-hour window of fasting. For example, you eat between 8am-4pm and then fast from 4pm till 8am the following morning.
2. The 5:2 Method: You practice the 16/8 Method of IF during the week (The 5) and eat freely without time-restrictions over the weekend (The 2). If you’re new to IF, this is the easiest place to start.
3. The Once A Week Fast: A 24-hour fast completed once per week. Perhaps the biggest benefit of doing a 24–hour fast is getting over the mental barrier of fasting. If you’ve never fasted before, completing your first 24-hour fast teaches you that you actually WON’T DIE if you don’t eat for a day!

Practiced consistency, IF will turn your body into a fat-burning powerhouse!

Once you start your IF practice, you can seriously supercharge your results with the help of smart supplementation thanks to Bulk Nutrients.

Here’s what you should consider incorporating:
PM Burner: With its 15 synergistic ingredients, PM Burner will supercharge your fat-burning during the fast period. As it does not contain any stimulatory ingredients, it can be taken anytime of the day and before sleep. A dose of PM Burner will also help you starve of the hunger that sometimes comes with fasting.

BCAA Recovery: When you first start IF, it can be tough to overcome the ‘hunger pangs’ that come during your fasting period. A ‘trick’ to overcome this is to drink 500mls of water mixed with BCAA Recovery, with the fluid and pure proteins of BCAAs acting to switch off the hormones responsible for the feeling of hunger (leptin/ghrlein). In addition, consuming BCAA Recovery provides you sufficient nutrients to preserve muscle mass without a calorie hit (Only 46 calories per serve), ensuring your body remains in the fasted state.

If you’re serious about getting lean and improving your health for the long-term, then give IF a try today.

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