Learning the Ropes - Personal Development

Learning the Ropes - Personal Development

Posted by Al Reidie on Aug 29, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

You know when you wake up, head over to the bathroom, rub the sleep out of your eyes, look in that mirror and ask “Why is my face so golden brown yet my neck is ghostly white?” that’s the problem with fake tan, it’s just like rolling the dice at the Casino. One day you’re a bronzed god, looking down upon the everyday Joe with a smirk of disdain, and the next you’re orange, you look like some kind of bipedal carrot, intent on leaving your mark on society one chuckle behind your back at a time. This is an unresolved issue that I really should deal with in my own time, however if I didn’t get it on the document it would of plagued everything else I typed hence forth. Moving on.

Training we’ve established is brutal, yet rewarding. My finances dwindle due to chiropractic and physio services, weight training has suffered and my penis is no larger than when I started, many would run from what I’m doing, but I’m drawn back to it again and again like a moth to the flame or an obese woman to bike pants. What pulls me in deeper is the ability to tap into our darker nature, the side that wants to punch people in the face for talking on the phone whilst demanding a coffee from the young lady who’s working a 10 hour shift at Gloria Jeans today. The side that wants to watch this superficial, image obsessed society we’ve created burn to the ground. I can pick someone up slam them as hard as I want to the ground, scream at the top of my lungs and curse out those around me, no one would bat and eyelid. Very therapeutic in my opinion.

As I add to my wrestling skill set, my in-ring personality is starting to develop. An extension of my size and physicality, the cauldron of emotions in which I am pulses through me and looks to dominate, especially when I get to lock up with the 60 kilogram guys. They may be quicker, more technical and nicer people than me, but I’m almost double the weight and 3 times the piece of shit that they are. I “accidentally” punched one right in the eye the other day, what’s funny is that I actually convinced him that he ducked right into it. I felt like Obiwan Kenobi must of felt when he convinces those Sand Troopers that they weren’t the droid they were looking for.

Likeability is something that I struggle with, the concept and the application to oneself is not graspable. All the popular people ( by societies standards ) I’ve met have always irritated me. Their persona always seems so fake and manufactured, there’s almost never any depth to them. I’m not saying everything you have to say has to be something profound in nature, but whenever I witness a conversation of one these prodigies everything just seems like it’s sitting above the surface, talking for the sake of talking because everything else is uncomfortable. What’s stranger is people respond to it and enjoy it.

This is being brought up of course because eventually one must end up in the ring, the reason you’re in the ring is to perform, fight and draw the crowds. Your personality is a major component of your success along with in ring ability and physical charisma, it’s quite a challenge when you think about, like the holy grail of random shit. Superstars like ‘The Rock’ seem to have them maxed out and that’s why I think they are so successful, there’s something in him for everyone.

The pro wrestlers around me are quite helpful in my quest to take what I am and make it plausible in the ring, they do not try and remold who you are into what they envision you should be, but more so direct your path of expression so that your message comes across louder and clearer. You’re still you, but amplified.

So in closing if you’re a creative, muscular, popular, athletic, lunatic wrestling is definitely for you.

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