Learning To Be A Beginner

Learning To Be A Beginner

Posted by Bridget Freeman on Jul 23, 2018 in #Ambassador Blogs.

I tried hot body yoga a little while ago and oh my goodness, while I loved the heat I hated feeling like the oldest, stiffest, least proficient of everybody in the room. 

I don’t think anybody likes feeling they are the worst at what they are doing! And for a while there after I struggled mentally. I was trying my absolute hardest and I was still terrible!

It can be frustrating, that’s for sure! So I took the time to assess my thoughts and see if I could turn them around. Here’s what I came up with.

My self care tips

1. Everyone was a beginner once

This is your first go and you can’t expect to be good at things in the beginning.

It takes practice and consistency to get good at anything and this is no different.

2. You are trying your best

You have nothing to be embarrassed about! You are trying your best and that is all you can ask of yourself.

You always encourage others to try new activities, to just do their best and not give up when things are hard, so keep setting that example for yourself.

Believing in yourself can go a long way.

3. Everyone has different natural abilities

We all have things we are good at.

Just because I am not good at impersonating pretzels doesn’t mean I’m not good at other things in my life! I am great at lifting weights and giving hugs and making healthy meals etc.

4. Nobody is judging you

Nobody else in this room gives a stuff about what you look like or what you can or can’t do.

If they are thinking about you at all, it’s probably something like “It’s great to see a new person giving this a go! She is really trying.”

5. It’s inspiring to see others do well

It is really inspiring to see how great these other people are at this!

They must have put in lots of time, practice and consistency and look how it is paying off for them! It must feel great to be so flexible and have such great balance.

You will never be more young, fit and able than you are now.

6. Be grateful for what you have

While you may be the stiffest, be grateful that your body is healthy.

I have all my limbs and am capable of doing most things in life (relatively) pain free.  My body is capable of getting better and better!

It is so easy to take our health and abilities for granted, until they are taken away from us. I will never be younger than I am today, so I will appreciate all I CAN do now.

The takeaway

After the session I felt a glow of contentment that I had persevered and even in one session I had seen some improvement in what I could do.

If hot body yoga is something I want to continue with, then I know I can keep on improving, but only if I keep my mindset positive and open!

Do you have things you are wanting to try but are worried that you won’t be good at them? Please never let that stop you! It could be something that really brings great value to your life. But you never know until you give things a go!

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