Let The Bulk Games Begin

Let The Bulk Games Begin

Posted by Hannah Rabe on Oct 17, 2016 in #Feature Articles.

Something big is happening down at Bulk HQ.

At Bulk Nutrients, we believe in equal opportunity, team work and a positive learning environment.

That’s why we already support many local charities. But this month we want to go further.

For the month of November, Bulk Nutrients will be holding the first ever Bulk Games. The Bulk Games are a team based competition aimed at raising money to go towards our latest charity in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Action and Development for Africa (ADFA).

Decades of war and feuds in The DRC have left the country relatively impoverished and unable to supply its youth with a stable education. Young women often suffer from a lack of access to education and many fall victim to sexual assault. ADFA therefore focuses on enabling children, particularly women, to receive a solid education and break the recurring cycle of poverty.

The idea behind ADFA was established by Bulk Nutrients staff member, Ben Khan, who now has many other team members assisting him. Ben and four other Bulk Nutrients staff members are originally from The DRC and therefore have experienced firsthand the difference between quality of life and education in Australia and The DRC. Here in Australia we are fortunate enough to be guaranteed an education and often take that opportunity for granted.

Ben and his friends still have many family members living in The DRC and therefore have a close point of call to ensure the funds raised for the charity are being used productively. Ben will also be travelling to The DRC later in November to oversee the administrative side of the charity and to guarantee a strong business and base for its future. While there Ben will inspect a range of schools and appoint an employee to oversee enrollments and track the educational progress of the children we support.

ADFA already has a direct impact on more than fifty children from vulnerable families living in The DRC. With the help of Bulk Nutrients, ADFA aims to support a further twenty or more children in the following year, with an overall goal to increase this number to over one hundred in the near future.

Bulk Nutrients are pledging to ADFA $10 per staff member, per event for participation in The Bulk Games.

The Bulk Games are a series of events that our six competitive teams will participate in throughout the month of November. With 42 staff members completing in five events each, we hope to raise more than $2000 for the charity. This amount is equivalent to the cost of sending 22 Congolese children to school for 12 months.

Our six Bulk Games teams and their captains. The Brown Sloths, The Golden Zebras, The White Rabbits, The Blue Cats, The Grey Wolves and The Red Bulls.

The Bulk Games aim to bring together our unique range of staff of varied ages, genders, nationalities and athletic backgrounds with the overall goal of boosting workplace spirit, smashing personal goals and raising money for a great charity.

The brains behind The Bulk Games came from Bulk Nutrients owner and manager Ben Crowley, who wanted to encourage all staff members to get involved for the cause.
“It focuses on team work and reminds us that our struggles – which in this case will be physical, are all very much temporary compared to people, in places such as The DRC, who face huge struggles every day,” Ben says.

Further adjustments to The Bulk Games were then made together with Bulk Nutrients’ staff members Luke Fuller and Bede Crowley to ensure each event is fun, team focused and safe enough for all team members of varying fitness levels to get involved in without having any risk of injury.

Here at Bulk HQ we see The Bulk Games as an excellent opportunity to showcase our energetic work culture, raise awareness and support for ADFA and continue working towards building a fit and healthy workplace environment.

Are you curious about the events Bulk Nutrients will be putting on as a part of The Bulk Games? Watch this space for further updates and an insight into our competitive events.

Stay tuned to find out how you as a member of our valued wider Bulk Nutrients community can get involved!

To find out more about ADFA click here.

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